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Why do we test every Diesel generator?

At CPS, we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading Diesel generator manufacturers, producing high-quality and thoroughly tested products which are ISO 9001 accredited, for the worldwide market.

We believe that testing our generators is one of the most important things that we do to give both us, and our customers, the reassurance that they need that their generators are safe, reliable and ready for use. As an essential aspect of preventative maintenance, we always ensure that each Diesel generator is fully individually tested at a 110% load before it leaves the factory floor, guaranteeing our customers a high-quality generator.

Generators are often used in critical situations when back-up power is urgently needed, to provide a reliable source of energy, leaving no room for any errors. This is why we test each generator individually, unlike other suppliers who generally tend to batch test, to give customers peace of mind that when the power goes out, the Diesel generator will kick in.

What are the benefits of a load test?

Load in-house testing allows us to test the engine by letting it reach its full capacity and is an essential step in preventative maintenance. The generators performance, health and test readings are all recorded, allowing for a cleaner and more efficient generator while also ensuring safety.
Other testing benefits include:
● Provides assurances that the generator is working properly.
● Discovers any problems early on, allowing them to be fixed straight away before the generator deteriorates causing more expensive significant issues down the line.
● Verifies the capabilities of the generator.
● Confirms that the cooling systems perform while under the highest load.

Why is testing important?

Testing is essential to ensure that our generators are reliable for operation, especially when it comes to emergencies. The last thing that you want in times of crises is your emergency generator not being able to give you the full power that you need. A load bank test allows a generator to be tested and taken for a ‘test drive’ so to speak, exercising it to confirm that it works reliably while also checking its ability to run at the full and maximum capacity. This is why we make sure to test our Diesel generators individually at a 110% load. During a load test, crucial generator parts and functionalities are tested to make sure that everything is working as it should before it leaves our factory floor. Testing is also important for a cleaner and more efficient generator, and once it reaches its full load, we look to see if it runs at normal operating pressures and temperatures. It is also important to remember that frequent testing, in general, can extend a Diesel generator’s life – our testing right here in-house is, therefore, the first vital step before they go into our customer’s hands.

Testing is ultimately the best way to exercise generators before they leave the factory, and by taking the time and care to check each and every one of our Diesel generators separately, we ensure that you won’t have any problems when you need them the most.

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