Why do we advise our customers to fill their container space?

One thing we like to do here at Constant Power Solutions is to make sure when we send a container out to Asia, Africa or the Americas, that we always make sure our customers get a lot for their money.

The average price of a shipping container 40ft is about £2000. This is the same costs whether the container is full to the brim of generators or if the container is half full. This is why whenever we have an order from our customers for several units and they ask us to ship abroad. We always use our container layout system, make sure if there is space we advise the customer to fill it.

Why do we do this?

Of course, it makes a good salesperson to sell more units, but the main reason is that 9 times out of 10 our international customers will come back and purchase another batch of Diesel generators. If they can forecast their orders this will make it easier for us, but we know from experience and our customers as well that there will be several kVA ranges that they order on a regular basis. We have one dealer who’s main selling ranges are from 30kVA to 60kVA, His last order was for several units. On Calculation, we noticed that he could fit 1 x 100kVA or 2 x 30/45/60kVA which we pointed this out to him. He added two AP60S gensets to his order which would go into his stock. Within landing at the port and getting delivered to his companies facilities, within a matter of days he had sold one of the 60kVA machines. He told me he won this order, not because of price or any other reason. He won this order as he had it in stock and his competitors didn’t. If he didn’t add the two units to his order, then he would have had to wait 1-2 weeks for the order to be confirmed, plus 22-28 days for delivery to port. Which would have put him on the back foot and possibly he would have lost the order.

So to answer our initial question, why do we try to fill up our containers when shipping abroad, this is so our customers can make the most out of their shipping costs and have more stocked units so they can grow their company within their own country.

Our last container order was shipped out to the Asian market in a 20ft container. The container consisted of x Soundproof sets 100kVA and 80kVA and two OpenType generators 45kVA and 60kVA. These units were for several different applications. The two soundproof sets are to be used for residential purposes and will be powering two small streets. These units will be used as standby power, but as the national grid in their country is not as stable as the UK and most European countries. You will find that these generators will be running 3-4 hours per day to keep up with the demand. The two OpenType (open sets) will be used for industrial purposes. These units will be running as standby sets (again  3-4 hours per day) in two separate factories.

The order also consisted of spare parts kit for every generator as with the running hours of these sets, every 3-4 months they would need to be checking and changing their filters. As these units come with an international (Global) warranty. Their warranty will become void if the generators are not serviced and/or with none genuine Perkins parts.

We always offer maintenance kits with all our orders to support our customers and to make sure that everything is done correctly, for the longevity of their generator sets.


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