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What to do During a Power Cut or Outage

This blog came about after we went to visit a long-standing customer on-site the other day. They are a small to medium business running a datacentre who were fortunate to have had no Power cuts or Power Outage’s since they have set up the business many years ago.

All this has changed and due to a transient fault, they have had two power cuts in the past month (March 2016). They spoke to their Electrical supplier who came out to them and assessed the issue. Their power is back up and running now. Their business-like many is detrimental that they have 100% uptime from the national grid. Otherwise many of their client’s websites and servers will be down if they were to have a Power Cut. So on asking if it will happen again, the response was ‘more than likely’.

Transient Fault

So what is a Transient Fault and are they common? The answer is yes they are common, unfortunately. A transient Fault can happen at any time. Such faults can be caused by foreign objects striking the lines such as debris in windy weather, lightning strike, pollution or equipment failures.

What to do next?

If you have had a Power cut or Power Outage, chances are you will have another one further down the line. Unfortunately, it could be in the next week, next month or next year. Can your business survive another outage?

Best thing to do is to keep a check on your electrical provider’s website as they will keep note of Faults on their service and inform you of a fault as it happens. Which might not help you at the time, but will give you peace of mind of when the power will be back on and that they are helping you.

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How can we help?

Firstly as we manufacture our generators ourselves, we are not selling you a generator which you will have to upgrade to your requirements, and we are not selling a standard generator that has been sitting in a forecourt for months collecting rainfall and open to the elements. We are a bespoke manufacturer, so see us as a car manufacturer. You tell us what you want and we will build it for you. You can even visit us if you prefer during our operations.

Secondly, we have a team of service engineers and a strong dealer network who are on the road 24/7. They will come to the site for you and size the correct generator for your requirements. If you need a certain amount of sockets, we can fit these for you. If you need a larger fuel tank, a certain size canopy, or if you need it a certain colour to match the surroundings, we can help.

Our dedicated team will assist with your requirements and even install on weekends if you need to shut down power during your quietest periods. We will work the job around you.


You may have seen many abbreviations and unsure of what they are and how they can help you. An automatic transfer switch is required when working with the grid. If you need your generator to switch on during a power outage. You don’t want to be manually turning it on as this defeats the main objective of a need for a generator. The ATS will send a signal to the generators Deepsea Control Module to tell it that the power has been cut off. The Control Module will then automatically turn on the genset and usually within 30 seconds your power will be back on.

A UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is a battery bank with an inverter and a control module. This as it states gives you uninterrupted Power. The UPS is run on battery’s which will start within seconds and give you power but for a short period of time. The reason for a UPS is that it would start instantaneously as soon as you have a power outage and why many IT Companies and Datacenters invest in a UPS. A UPS will secure and protect your IT equipment for a short time giving power to Supermarket and Shop Tills, Computers, Servers and other IT Equipment. Whilst powering for enough time until the Genset takes over the load.

We have the capabilities of giving your home and business the complete one-stop-shop solutions. From sizing the right generator and power solutions and  Installation. We will also maintain your generator on a 6 monthly or yearly.

  • Bespoke Genset Manufacturing
  • Site Survey (Ourselves or our dealers)
  • Servicing / Commissioning and Installation
  • Maintenance
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