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What noise levels should I expect from my Diesel generator?

If you are looking to buy a new generator then you should have lots of questions about the Diesel generator that you are looking to buy.

A Diesel generator is a major purchase and before you part with your cash, you should ensure that the generator that you’re looking at will fit the bill for what you need.

One of the areas that may be of concern to you is the type and amount of noise that your diesel generator might make.

No generator is particularly quiet, and you’re never going to be able to get away with running one in a library, however, you’ll either want a generator that is bearable in terms of the volume of the sound it makes, or that can be silenced to an extent.

In this article, we’ll discuss the noise that your Diesel generator. We’ll also talk through the options that you have for soundproofing your Diesel generator.

Will My Diesel Generator Be Noisy?

Due to the nature of Diesel generators, they will produce some sound. The amount of noise that they produce will depend on how you have them set up in a way so that you can reduce the volume.

What Can Be Done to Soundproof My Diesel Generator?

There are measures that you can take to lower the sound levels to generator noise level standards are the best that they can be. You can do this by having acoustic canopies fitted. With Multi-density polyester soundproofing material, it is possible to reduce the level of the noise that your Diesel generator is producing. The amount that you can reduce the volume by will depend on the size of the generators.

The standard levels for our generators are 82dBA@1m / 69dBA@7m.

We have worked very closely alongside our research and development team, along with the CPS technical team. Together, we’ve come up with a way of reducing noise levels of out acoustic soundproof sets. The amount that we can do this will depend on the dBA reading that is required.

When we test our Diesel generators, we measure the levels of noise at 1m and 7m while running at a 75% load.

On containerised sets, we have managed to reduce the to 65dBA@1m and for canopied sets, this is usually between 72Dba@1m to 75dBA@1m.

What Are The Noise Levels Equivalent To

We’ve worked hard at getting the volume of our canopied Diesel generators right the way down to between 72Dba@1m to 75dBA@1m and our containerised sets to 65dBA@1m which is quite an achievement.

When it comes to a comparison, the noise levels in a standard office are usually around about 62dBA@1m, a hairdryer is usually around 90dBA@1m. The sound of a busy road is around 74dBA@1m and a truck would be about 86dBA@1m.

As you can tell from this, our soundproof generators do manage to help reduce the generator noise level standards to a comfortable and acceptable level.

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