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What is the Future of Diesel Generators?

Despite the current pandemic, CPS and the Diesel Generator Industry as a whole are marching on towards an exciting new future. In this post, we’ll give you some interesting statistics, projections and more to help you understand the future of Diesel Generators and the role CPS play inside it.

Diesel Generator Market Growth

According to many sources, the worldwide Diesel Generator industry passed a size of 20 Billion USD in 2019 and is on track to have produced over 4 million units by 2030. As the world finds itself fighting against more unpredictable disasters than ever, a reliable and easily deployable backup power solution has become invaluable to customers across the world.

Speaking of across the world, the Diesel generator market continues to grow exponentially in some areas of the east. Unfortunately, this does not include China. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the countries output of Diesel Gensets has shrunk considerably. For CPS, that means the demand for quality UK-manufactured bespoke Diesel Generators is stronger than ever; especially in the aforementioned burgeoning eastern markets of the Middle East and Pacific Asia. These markets have grown considerably in the last few years and will only continue to grow throughout the decade, which is why our global sales service is more important than ever.

Diesel Generator Popularity

According to many reports, the Diesel Generator Market has some clear forerunners when it comes to popular product types. Over 40% of Diesel Gensets are likely 75 Kva or lower, a market share that is slowly growing. Over 50% of Diesel Generators are used as standby Gensets. The residential and healthcare industries continue to be prevalent customers of Diesel Power solutions. The requirements of a 75 kVa, Standby Residential / Healthcare Generator are focussed on flexibility and reliability. CPS place an emphasis on offering bespoke, quality generators tailored to meet the specific needs of any customer. So if you’re part of this powerful customer segment, you know who to trust.


Overall, Diesel power held over 70% of Genset market share in 2019 according to many reports and shows no signs of slowing down. The proof is in the numbers. If you need quality power, you need a quality Diesel Generator. CPS offers UK-Manufactured Diesel generators made with genuine parts from some of the leading providers, including Mecc Alte, Lister Petter and more. We sell our generators globally, with a comprehensive and hassle-free export solution reaching the Middle East, Pacific Asia and more. Our team of worldwide CPS Dealers and our Generator Experts are always ready to help with queries and questions with their decades of Generator experience. So, why not contact us at Constant Power Solutions today, to join the promising Diesel Generator future with a custom, bespoke power solution designed to meet your needs. Trust the future, trust CPS.

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