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What is Fuel Testing?

Fuel Testing is an easy way to make sure your Diesel Generator is running safely and effectively. This can prevent damages made to your genset when being ran through the system.

What is Fuel Testing?

As you may imagine, it includes a series of checks and tests on your fuel!

To be more specific, it often involves sample taking from three fuel sections. These sections are then tested. In the lower sample, water, and other impurities will show up if present. In the middle sample, the severity of contamination can be seen. The top sample will provide an indication of what can be achieved if the fuel is to be polished.


What do I do after Fuel Testing?

The results of the process should tell you weather the fuel is unusable, in perfect condition or just in need of some cleaning. If unusable, the fuel should be replaced and the old, disposed of.

Did you know you can only dispose of fuel at a waste removal site? You can even be fined if not!

If the fuel is already in good condition, no action should be taken. Anywhere in between, then Fuel Polishing is likely to be a great option!


Do I need to have Fuel Testing?

Put simply, no, but it doesn’t hurt!

Although, Fuel Testing can prevent a large amount of waste as it often opens the option of Fuel Polishing instead of replacing. Fuel Polishing is a more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

If you value the lifespan and smooth running of your Generator, regular fuel testing will aid.


How often should I run Fuel Testing?

If you have a Stand-by/Emergency Generator we recommend you run fuel testing at least once every year. This is because of the lack of movement. For prime operation gensets we would recommend a fuel testing after 500 hours of operation.


Who does Fuel Testing?

At CPS we offer a wide range of fuel Services including testing, polishing, filling, and replacing. With 24/7 call outs, 365 days a year and nationwide coverage, we can fix your fuel even in an emergency!

We also offer bespoke packages for our customers and the option for subscription to make sure you’re never running on empty!

Servicing is another package we offer, for more information on servicing check out some of our blogs!


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