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What Generator Do I Need?


We have a wide range of Uk Diesel Generators for sale, all serving different purposes and functions for your business. For someone who’s less initiated in the intricacies of power solutions, ensuring you pick the right generator can be daunting. In this short guide, we’ll get you on the right track to picking the perfect generator for you, right here from the worldwide leader in UK-manufactured Diesel generators, CPS Generators.

Firstly, it’s vitally important to consider the amount of power you’ll need from your generator. For a comprehensive guide on this, including explanations of the terms and simple equations you’ll need, check out this page here. In simple terms, the more kW (kilowatts) on your electric bill, the higher kVa (kilovolt-ampere) you will need alongside this.

Once you’ve worked that out, deciding the form factor your company will need in a generator is a good next step. Is efficiency your priority? Or noise? Or even security? Let’s find out.

Open Set Generators

An ‘Open Set’ Generator is typically the cheaper option when it comes to generators, and is ideal for general use. In a wide-open area, where noise is not a concern, an open set generator is easy to maintain and operate and comes at a low price. All of our open set generators are built from thick steel and come complete with high-quality UK AVM’s (anti-vibration mounts) for maximum longevity. The skid base is designed and tailored per generator to the engine and alternator, ensuring stability. Our UK manufactured mufflers considerably reduce noise levels. All our Open Set generators are designed with the end-user in mind; for easy to use functionality, excellent service, and maintenance access.

Soundproof Generators

In sound-sensitive areas, such as the basement of a building, a canopied ‘Soundproof’ Generator is likely to be the ideal solution. Our canopies are constructed from galvanized steel and fastened to the base frame and finished with a high-quality powder coat. The residential silencer and high-quality soundproofing ensure the noise levels are dramatically reduced.

Our canopies ensure performance in outdoor environments. Our research and development team have designed our canopies to give our customers a generator which is easy to use and to service, as well as providing all the functions needed for a Diesel generator to power your home and business requirements. Our Soundproof Generators also have Class 1 Fire Resistant canopies, which alongside their major sound reduction measures ensures our customers receive a generator absolutely ideal for indoor usage.

Containerised Generators

Containerised’ Generators are excellent for reliable and efficient re-deployability. A containerised Generator is built into a standard ISO container. They are entirely self-contained, and this is extremely useful for businesses who require quick and scalable power solutions to construction sites and other temporary work areas. Our containerised Generators are built into a corrugated metal container, with an aluminium reinforced floor.

Despite its size, two doors offer ease of access for maintenance and a third door features a control module viewing window (excluding 9ft container). Our Containerised generators can be designed and tailored to suit your specific requirements for a generator, such as combining a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) and Diesel generator into one container. Built to last, our containerised generators are available in ranges of 9ft, 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft. A containerised solution is perfect for those who need a portable Diesel generator.

Bespoke Generators From Us

We also offer ‘Medium & High Voltage’ generators, alongside natural ‘Gas’ generators. However, these offer similar advantages to their counterparts above, so please check their product pages!

If you haven’t found the ideal generator for you here, we offer a variety of options per generator, including brand and additional features. For example, a Water Jacket Heater to help maintain the ideal temperature for generator performance, or an Auto Transfer Switch so your generator can provide backup, temporary power in case of mains failure. Alongside this, we can always offer a bespoke, innovative power solution tailor-made for you and your business to ensure every single of your needs are met.

We’re proud to manufacture quality UK Generators for a worldwide market that we individually test at a 110% load before it leaves our factory, and is officially certified. Our products are produced as per our clients’ specification requirements on a bespoke production line, so for any power solution you may need, contact us at CPS Generators today for Diesel generators for sale in the UK and worldwide.

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