What Does it Mean to Be a CPS Dealer?
CPS Dealers

What Does it Mean to Be a CPS Dealer?

CPS has grown to be a globally recognised manufacturer of bespoke Diesel generator power solutions. All of our generators are manufactured in the UK, so we rely on our extensive network of CPS Dealers to allow operations to continue across the UK and Worldwide. Becoming one of our CPS Diesel Generator Dealers may just be the opportunity you need to find a comfortable position in the generator industry – and under our care, we can ensure numerous benefits. Such as:

Effective Communication

Our teamwork within designated regions, ensuring unparalleled dedication to managing their own network of generator dealers. Every member of our team is a bonafide expert in the areas in which we operate, allowing them to share priceless knowledge and give proven advice to set you on the right path that will lead to growth. By working with us at Constant Power Solutions, you will always have access to our robust team.  We can support you right from the first step,  by helping you decide the correct Alpha Series Generator for your applications. Being a CPS Dealer means you’ll have a close relationship with our experts, always ready to help you make the right decision.

No matter your level of generator experience – we can ensure you’re up to speed and ready to converse with the experts in the industry. Our team is always available to advise with their first-hand experience in any situation you may encounter, and we can help with a quick and simple course on the basics of Diesel generators, including:

  • Fault Assessment & Servicing
  • General Maintenance
  • Start-Up and Connection of a Generator

Proven UK Quality

All our Diesel generator sets are CE Marked and built by us in the UK. We can provide the Country of Origin on request – giving you the ability to compete on high-level tenders. By working with a UK Manufacturer, you establish a strong brand image of providing the highest quality generators available on the world stage and establish high levels of customer trust – with the guarantee that all components can be traced back to the original source.

Tangible Experience

We welcome all CPS dealers to our facilities to get a first-hand look of who we are as a business. We allow new dealers a close look at similar units to what they wish to export and allow them to photograph units similar to what they wish to export to show potential clients. Our UK Generator Dealers are always welcome to visit our facilities and check the progression of their orders themselves. Transparency on our end means efficiency on yours.

Always Competitive

From our exclusive pricing structure for our dealers to qualified leads and authorization certificates – we offer whatever we can to ensure you always have the upper hand in the Generator Industry.

To receive the benefits only a trusted UK Manufacturer of Diesel Generators can provide, begin your Journey with CPS today by clicking here.


Begin your journey with CPS, and give your business the competitive advantage only a trusted UK Manufacturer of Diesel Generators can provide by getting in contact with us today.

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