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What are the dangers of using illegitimate (none genuine) parts ?

Keep it genuine… Keep it Reliable

It is vital to regularly service and maintain your generator to keep it reliable and in well-working order, just like you would your car or van. Like many other things in the world, there is always a cheaper alternative to the parts you require however the risks are tenfold and like many things, cheaper does not equal better.

Servicing your generator using legitimate parts is the incomparable solution to keeping it running and reliable long into the distant future. The use of cheaper, and counterfeit parts is ultimately a false economy as they will wear faster, and may cause damage to other parts of the engine which consequently will invalidate any warranty you had. Many of the non-genuine parts are created using a process called reverse engineering, which simply means obtaining an original part and stripping it back to its basics to create a copy using cheaper alternatives to the materials to save themselves money. However, the creators of such parts have no technical data or drawings of the component and will have to create the item without taking into the consideration the engine itself which increases the risk that the parts will not properly fit the engine itself

None genuine parts are not licensed from the engine providers and can quickly turn what you thought to be a money-saving ‘hack’ into a costly lesson should anything go wrong (which more than likely happens in these instances). And although at first, they may appear to be running fine with your set, the ugly truth is they often result in;

  •      Rapid wear of the engine and components themselves
  •      Higher Oil and Fuel Consumption
  •      Poor reliability and engine performance
  •      Component damage, and in extreme cases engine failure

Illegitimate providers will often only have a limited range of what parts they are able to provide due to the fact they often supply a high volume of a select range so they can be produced in large quantities, this means that if you require a specialist part they will most likely fail to be able to provide it.

Genuine parts are manufactured by the engine providers to work together to maximise the life of both the components and the performance of the engine itself, they are designed to match individual engine characteristics and will restore optimum power and fuel efficiency. They are also supported by the warranty should anything go wrong.

We can supply you with all the major engine brands genuine service parts such as Perkins, Cummins, Volvo, Kohler, and Scania as well as other well-known brands. We pass on our discounts to our customers as a service so our genuine engine parts although are more expensive than illegitimate (none genuine) parts will be the very best option for your engine as you can have the peace of mind that your Diesel generator will not be voided should the worse happen.

To find out how we can support you supply you with the right parts for the right engine, please call our team on +44 (0) 1757 428140 or alternatively email the team with the part number and engine model or serial number on

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