Visitors Guide to Selby when Visiting Constant Power Solutions

Are you looking to visit the UK?

Unsure where to go and what to do once you are here. We have the ideal guide for you.

This guide is designed for people visiting North Yorkshire and Selby from anywhere in the globe or even if you are in the UK and wish to pop up to North Yorkshire and see the sunny Yorkshire Dales.

We here at CPS know that if you wish to visit ourselves, you want more than just a business trip. So why not stay a night or two? Take in the Yorkshire vibes. Put on your flat cap and head over to the local chip shop and order some scraps.

There are plenty of restaurant and eateries to sample either Yorkshire cuisines or halal food, as well as places to visit during the evening for you and your family.

As well as all the lovely surrounding areas, you can also take in our tour of our UK Factory, where we shall show you how we manufacture our UK Diesel Generators (Gensets) using Perkins engines, Meccalte and Stamford alternator as well as other brand names such as Volvo, Cummins and Lombardini and Kohler.

We will show you fault finding tips on our UK Manufactured gensets and how we test our units from 9kva up to 2250kva in the Perkins range.

We can sit down as discuss many applications such as construction and data-centres as well as rental and residential. Our UK Gensets are designed for all applications and we can build them bespoke for your requirements or DC, Hybrid and Gas Generators.

Our free guide is downloadable and printable so you can bring it with you and plan your visit accordingly.

(Click here) – Visitors Guide to Visiting CPS and the UK

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