An uninterruptible power supply, commonly known as UPS Power Supply is an easy to install device that provides power to your computers, servers, server rooms and data centres in case of main energy failure, electrical surge or unexpected energy cut off.

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What is a UPS and why do I need one?

A UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Supply or alternatively known as Uninterruptible Power Source. A UPS provides instantaneous power to a load requirement. A UPS system can be used either on its own, or in conjunction with a backup generator.

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What makes up a UPS?

A UPS is made up of 4 main parts, a rectifier, UPS battery(s) inverter and static switch. The rectifier steps down the voltage if required, converting the current from AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current), this is done to allow for smooth flow of current through the UPS. The rectifier can also aid with the charge of the UPS battery(s).

The UPS battery can be charged either by the rectifier, or by an external battery charger. The battery(s) can be either built inside of the UPS system, or in standalone casing, pending the UPS autonomy and KVA specification.

The inverter converts the DC current back to AC.

The Static Switch, works similarly to how a ATS panel works with a generator. The static switch acts as a safeguard to the UPS and connects the load to the mains supply and can bypass the other parts of the UPS as mentioned above should there be a fault with the UPS.

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UPS Servicing & Maintenance

It is just as important to have regular health checks and the correct servicing and maintenance on UPS Power Supply Systems. Our UPS services are designed to protect you and your business from any unnecessary down time.

We can tailor make our UPS service packages to suit your business application, however we predominantly recommend two service packages, minor UPS Servicing and major UPS servicing.

Our basic service packages include:

  • Battery life span test
  • Cabinet Clean
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • Thermal Imaging

Battery impedance testing is a service we can provide in our UPS service packages, we can provide a full battery health check report and on individual cells. If batteries don’t meet the manufacturers requirements, then batteries will be replaced before down time occurs. 

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Are UPS only used for data centres?

In short, no. A UPS can have many application types, ranging from your computer at home, to tills at your local shop, all the way to telecoms units, hospitals or as mentioned, data centres.

Here at Constant Power Solutions we currently supply a wide array of UPS all the way from 1KVA up to 1500KVA, with plenty more available if you have a specific requirement, and if you’re not sure, we offer free site surveys so we can always attend site to measure up your requirement.

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Other Frequently Asked UPS Questions

I’ve heard that UPS are very expensive and require a lot of maintenance?

The pricing of a UPS ranges massively pending on the size requirement you are looking for, from 1KVA which can power a computer for example, will be inexpensive compared to a 100KVA+. It is all pending on what you believe your down time is worth. If you run your business from home, can you really afford to potentially lose all of your work when a power cut doesn’t give you time to save and shut down, if you have servers, can you afford to have them lose potential data?

Can I use a UPS for 5-6 hours?

If the power requirement is low and the UPS is overrated, possibly, but normally running a UPS for this long requires so many UPS batteries it becomes unfeasible both financial and physically. It would be best to run a standby generator alongside your UPS to achieve this.

What size UPS do I need?

UPSs are given a power rating in volt-amperes (VA) that range from 300 VA to 5,000 kVA. This rating represents the maximum load that a UPS can support, but it shouldn’t match exactly the power load you have. To allow room for growth, the best practice is to choose a UPS with a VA rating that is 1.2x the total load you need it to support. If your UPS will be supporting motors, variable-speed drives, medical imaging devices or laser printers, add more VA capacity to your requirements to account for the high power inrush that occurs when those devices startup.

Companies that are anticipating rapid growth should use a higher multiplier than 1.2x. Newer server hardware tends to have higher power requirements than older models, so factoring in additional VA will account for adding more and newer equipment.

Where can I use a UPS?

UPS systems can be used anywhere that needs to ensure that the power keeps on following. The most common applications are where power is critical to avoid infrastructure damage, like in a data centre or manufacturing facility.

What is the difference between a battery and a UPS?

A battery is a device that stores energy, a UPS detects when there is no longer any power coming from the mains and switches over to the UPS batteries.

What is the difference between a UPS and an Inverter?

The UPS and inverter both provides the backup supply to the electrical system. The major difference between the UPS and inverter is that the UPS switches from the main supply to the battery immediately, but the inverter takes much longer.

Can I use one UPS with two computers?

Yes, you will just need to make sure that the power requirements of the two computers are within the tolerance of what the UPS system can handle. If you need help with this, contact us.

Where can I use a UPS?

UPS systems can be used anywhere that needs to ensure that the power keeps on following. The most common applications are where power is critical to avoid infrastructure damage, like in a data centre or manufacturing facility.


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