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Three Advantages of Perkins Generators

Here at Constant Power Solutions, we produce 80% of our generators with a Perkins engine. We take great pride in the fact that we offer Perkins as they are one of the world’s leading suppliers of off-highway diesel and iconic gas engines. This means that we are offering customers a high quality, superior engine than any other.

Perkins has a long history, stretching back over 85 years, and have provided customers around the globe with 15 million gensets in total. Perkins generators range from 4kw to 1940kw with three production bases which annually produce approximately 400,000 sets!

Our engines are certified by Perkins – proving that our generators are created with the superior engines that we claim they are. But what else makes Perkins Diesel Generators different from any other.

1. They can be used in a variety of places.

One of the first advantages is that Perkins parts can be used suitably in many different situations.  This can include both residential and commercial establishments as they don’t have a high sound volume, and any sound that is emitted can be drowned out with our soundproof covers! This is also because Perkins Generators run efficiently and economically.

2. They provide easy maintenance

Checking faults can be a nightmare, but not when it’s a Perkins Generator. As long as maintenance checks are taken regularly, they won’t be too much hassle. This is because the working mechanism is very simplistic and not at all complicated, so the owners can take a look for themselves and be able to spot any major faults. If any faults are spotted, they can call for a repair right away.

3. Economical running costs

The running cost of a generator is always something to take into consideration, and many generator buyers look for the best generators so they can have a constant supply of power. Perkins Generators are at the top of the market for this exact reason! This is because the average daily cost of running is less than most diesel generators. Business owners using Perkins Generators will not only be able to afford to run them, but also save extra money from their profits.

CPS offers a wide choice of new and utilized Perkins Generators. If you don’t know which generator to pick, please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help you through the procedure!

Call us on +44 (0) 1757 428140.

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