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The Ghoul’d Standard: Scarily Silent Generators

Here at CPS, we’re possessed by the ghost of UK-Manufacturing. We feel compelled to appease the spirits of legacy and offer the same high-quality Diesel generators customers have come to expect with British brands. In this post, we’d like to walk you through our scarily silent Diesel generators and how they can help you this Halloween and beyond.

What makes a Diesel generator silent?

There’s no black magic involved with turning notoriously noisy open sets into silent generators. Rather, we deploy our range of quality canopies to make the familiar electric hum of a Diesel generator disappear. The canopies are created from galvanised steel and state-of-the-art soundproofing to make your generator as quiet as a phantom. Our expert team have custom-designed our canopies with the end-user in mind, meaning we can guarantee an easy-to-use and maintain generator every time. This isn’t a monkey paw situation, just a plain good deal backed by quality after-sales service who’ll ensure your generator stays in tip-top shape with no hassle.

Why do you need a soundproof generator?

In commercial or residential zones, the loud whirring hum of a Diesel generator pumping out primary power can quickly turn the nicest Dr Jekylls into Mr Hydes. Because of this, in many areas across the globe, it is now required by legislation that any Diesel (or otherwise) power solutions in these areas be soundproofed to a publicly acceptable level.

In some areas of the world, the noise of an open-set Diesel generator could be ecologically damaging. Therefore, many construction sites based deep in the wilderness use silent/ sound-proof Diesel generators. After all, no one wants to be the one to wake up Bigfoot in the middle of the forest.

Benefits of soundproof generators

Soundproof generators will no doubt improve your company’s productivity in the commercial sector. A backup power supply ensures your company can continue to work during power cuts, zombie apocalypses or other incidents. Alongside this, a silent generator allows for construction work long into the 13th hour without disturbing residents. A soundproof generator is a low-cost, minimal-impact solution to your power needs, and will pay itself back in the blink of an eye.

For scarily good prices on Ghoul’d standard generators, made in the UK and shipped worldwide – trust CPS. We are one of the leading manufacturers of bespoke power solutions in the UK and are globally renowned for our quality After Sales Service. Read more about the benefits of silent generators here, and remember: Think Made in The Uk, Think CPS.

Happy Halloween!

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