Diesel Generator building process

The Constant Power Solutions Diesel Generator building process

This post can highlight how thorough CPS are with preparing and testing each generator, to achieve a high standard of assembly every time. – how we process our orders – why you can trust our generators


CPS take pride in our UK built Diesel generators. Our directors have spent almost seven years researching, developing and cultivating our brand and our products to be built efficiently, effectively and to our high standards.

Once an order is confirmed with our clients, the sales team will produce a Confirmed Order Form, which will include engine, alternator, control panel and any upgrades agreed with the client. This form is passed to our production team after being checked by sales and a director to ensure the order is correct.

First stage of the order is ordering the main components from our suppliers, if not in stock already. Our production team and management team will plan the order in to our current schedule to ensure lead times are met not only for this order, but other orders also in build.

Once the main components are available to the product team, the first stage is completed by our mechanical team. First stage is coupling and basing the engine and alternator, using our in-house 10T crane. We safely couple the required engine and alternator, with every bolt tested to ensure they are secure. Any slight error at this stage would have detrimental issues with the Alternator and will cause the generator fail to be catastrophically. The radiator will also be fitted if not supplied fitted by the engine manufacturer, some of the larger engines come with the radiator detached.

After coupling the engine and alternator with radiator will be based on the main generator frame. Our open and soundproof frames although have a different set up, will be based the same way with Antivibration mounts on the cross members.

Every stage is checked off by our production management team, and they will sign the QC (Quality control form) to show this stage has been completed and tested. This document is one of many documents we supply with our UK Built Diesel generators, to prove that is the set comply with our Quality standards.

Once the mechanical stage is complete, then the electrical team will take over the build. Again ensuring that they follow the confirmed order sheet, they will use the control panel for the specific order. The electrical team will fit the control panel adjacent to the Generator canopy window for soundproof sets or on the base frame with set mounts in a designated area.

The Crank Battery or batteries (depending on kVA size) and Emergency stop will be fitted, whilst the wiring looms will be wrapped up in a heat resistant sleeve for added protection. As Standard this full stage will be checked by management, wires will be checked to make sure there are no loose wires, as well as ensuring there is enough give, as even with Anti-vibration mounts, it is standard for some vibration.

Once all stages are complete and signed off, we then move onto testing. We test every one of our generators in 25% increments from 0% up to 110% for up to one hour before leaving the factory to ensure it is in working order and for your own piece of mind. Our electrical team will produce a full test report which will advise of kVA/kW loads, times, amps, voltage and frequency. They will also ensure the emergency stop and other functions are working efficiently. The test report will be sent with the generators document box including other documents.

After testing, the unit will be sent to our pre delivery team who will: Clean inside and outside of the unit, as well as label the generator with not only our CPS Logo, but will also attach warning labels such as emergency stop, voltage warnings and hot areas of the set. These are all standard warning labels to ensure the set follows UK and international standards.

The unit is now passed to the sales department who will do similar checks and fill out a PDI (Pre delivery inspection) form, to show the client that it has passed all our checks. The sales team will do a full visual check to ensure during manufacturing there is no minor cosmetic damage and of course cleanliness. They will do a full documentation check and ensure wires, bolts and other checks are done.

Once all departments and finalised their jobs and it has been signed off by production and sales, the unit is then wrapped and ready for shipment.

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