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Generators for telecoms, are designed to cope with even the most challenging of conditions. They are designed to work off grid and in the harshest of environments. They are typically mobile or fixed in situation and the generators are designed to run for long periods of time.

They generators will work in a synchronising system, where the generators all link together to produce continuous power.  Telecoms generators are fitted with a large base fuel tank to support long periods of running, or alternatively for stationary generators, they are connected to a separate bulk tank with supports long running.

  • Manufactured into a bespoke canopy, which protects the engine and major components from heavy rain, dust, adverse temperatures and designed for longevity
  • Typically powered by Diesel fuel, with large base fuel tanks to support long running
  • Fitted with oil pan heaters, battery chargers (solar powered as option), longevity filters and alternator heaters
  • Designed to run for long periods of time
  • Automatic refilling for fuel system
  • Fitted with security and anti-theft devices
  • Synchronised, sync’d with the grid or other machines
  • Fitted with remote monitoring systems, GSM and internet based
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Uninterruptible Power Sources can be used for powering telecoms. This application requires a reliable power source, and so a UPS is the preferred option, most data centres have a UPS and generator coupled for a longer reliable run time in the event of a power cut.

In today’s world, telecoms are essential for businesses and every day life, so a bullet proof backup power system is essential to ensure customer satisfaction. The UPS in a telecom application is used for the instant power source for sustaining an entire network.

Here at Constant Power Solutions, we can attend your site, and size up what KVA and runtime you will require for your UPS, working with our suppliers, we can then determine the best suited option for you. We will then discuss whether a backup diesel generator would be required for a longer backup.

We work with the customer to determine the best options for your telecommunications, what is the required power factor, length of runtime in the event of a power cut, the KVA required, as well as discussing how we can extend the longevity of the UPS and batteries themselves, by providing service and maintenance packages to best suit you.

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