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A Load Off Your Back: Why We Load Bank Test Our Generators

Tomorrow is national safety day, making this the perfect time to talk about the “loads” of testing we do at CPS to ensur...

Importance of After Sales & Servicing
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The Importance of Diesel Generator Aftercare

CPS is proud to offer a competitive and thorough after sales and servicing alongside our bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel...

Diesel Generator 2021
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New Year’s Power Solution: What Diesel Could Do for You in 2021

Diesel power has lasted and prospered through the tumultuous start of this decade, keeping businesses across the world p...


CE-PS: What is a CE Marking for Diesel Generators?

Here at CPS, we place great value and devote meticulous care to the quality of our bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel gener...

Largest Diesel-powered Objects
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Diesel Scalability: Biggest Objects Powered by Diesel

energy needs. CPS works on a diverse scale of worldwide projects for a range of different customers. No project is too b...

Generator Servicing Contracts
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Diesel Generator Servicing

Our UK-Manufactured Diesel generators will get you through the toughest times, supplying the power you need to keep busi...

Diesel Generator Underloading Guide
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Underload, Underutilised: Why you Must Use Full Power of your Diesel Generator

Here at CPS, we offer bespoke power solutions manufactured right here in the UK to ensure you’re getting exactly what yo...

Halloween Silent Generators
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The Ghoul’d Standard: Scarily Silent Generators

Here at CPS, we’re possessed by the ghost of UK-Manufacturing. We feel compelled to appease the spirits of legacy and of...

Mumbai Power Outage 2020
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Mumbai Power Outage: What Your Business Can Learn

On Monday 12/10/20, Mumbai faced an unexpected grid failure at an unprecedented scale for the region, leaving the entire...

State of Diesel Generators
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What is the Future of Diesel Generators?

Despite the current pandemic, CPS and the Diesel Generator Industry as a whole are marching on towards an exciting new f...

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