Backup Generators

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Should I service my Generator?

Should I service my Diesel Generator? A service and maintenance package should be considered as a standard running cost ...

History of Cummins
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The Cummins Story: History of Cummins

Cummins are a leading Diesel generator manufacturer, who’s parts are highly economical and efficient. CPS is incredibly ...

Do you Need Super Silent Diesel Generators
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Does your Business Need A Super Silent Generator?

Our range of Super Silent Generators has quickly become popular with customers across the globe. At a distance of just 1...

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The Benefit of Bespoke Diesel Generators

CPS Generators are tailor-made to meet your businesses needs. From Super Silent Diesel generators to high voltage LPG po...

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Who is your Local CPS Dealer?

CPS may be home to quality UK manufacturing. Still, we aren’t just selling our amazing bespoke Diesel generators i...

Diesel Generator Commissioning Explained

Diesel Generator Commissioning Explained

Setting up your new purchase is always the most stressful part. You buy a new desk for the office, and you spend a whole...

50 / 60 Hertz Generators Explained
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Bahamas Asphalt Factory & The Importance of Hertz

Anyone who has ever taken part in international business has experienced the headache that comes from different regulati...

Containerised Generators Explained
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Containerised Generators Explained

The world is opening back up, and with it, your business is sure to grow. To meet the demands of global business, you ne...

Gas Generators Explained
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Fan-Gas-tic: Gas Generators Explained

CPS is all about Diesel generators. Bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel generators are our bread and butter and – if our ISO...

El Sallab Hospital
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El Sallab Hospital

CPS is all about quality. From each genuine part to a rigorous commissioning process, we ensure every aspect of your Die...

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