September Sales!

September has been a fantastic month for Constant Power Solutions. More of our generators have made their way across not only the UK but across the globe too, to power various well-known businesses…and we want to tell you all about them!

Here is one of our AP30S generators with 60A ATS that has been collected for delivery to East London.

This generator will be used as backup power in a complex and has been purchased with a DSE890, enabling the owner to monitor the generator and receive a live feed of the generator’s location.


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This is one of our AP1000 Generators ready to head off to Burundi, Africa to be used to power a well-known iced tea brand!

Each of the generators shown has a Perkins 4008TAG2A engine, Mecc Alte ECO43-1LN alternator, DSE7120 control module and an ACB circuit breaker. They are also provided with a 500-hour service kit!


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Another overseas delivery…this AP100S has headed off to Sulaymaniyah, Iraq to be used for prime running application.

It has a Perkins 1104C-44TAG2 engine, a Stamford UCI274C alternator, a DSE 4520 control module and an MCCB circuit breaker.

It also comes with a base fuel tank upgrade to 800L, ATS-200 and 5 x 500-hour service kits with an Intertek inspection!


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One of our AP18S-1PH’s ready to be shipped all the way to Malta!

The generator will be used to power one of the many hotels owned by a well-known hotel chain located in various places around the world, including London, Budapest, Prague and Tripoli.

The generator has a Perkins 404D-22G engine, Mecc Alte ECP28-VL/4 alternator, DSE4520 control module and an MCB circuit breaker. It also has an ATS-100, 1 x 32a 1 phase socket and 5 x 500-hour service kits.



No photo description available.

An AC350 heading all the way to Alexandria in Egypt to power a hotel resort!

This generator has a Cummins NTA855G4 engine, a Stamford S4L1D-F alternator, an MCCB circuit breaker and DES7310 control module. It also includes a water jacket heater, an anti-condensation heater, an oil heater pad, DSE890 upgrade, DC ammeter and an earth neutral link (not standard with international)!


Here is an ALP20S and an ALP14S before they were shipped over to North Africa for stock, holding less than 20kva for residential properties and quick selling into the region.

The ALP20S has a Lister Petter LPWX4 engine, Mecc Alte ECP28-M/4 alternator, MCB circuit breaker, and a DSE4520 control module.

The ALP14S has a Lister Petter LPWX3 engine, Mecc Alte ECP3-3L/4 alternator, MCB circuit breaker, and a DSE4520 control module.

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