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Purpose of Medium/ High Voltage Generators

We at CPS pride ourselves on the high quality and excellent performance of our power equipment and delivering power solutions that meet our customer’s needs. A medium / High Voltage generator rated for a voltage range of 3-12kv at 50hz may just be what your business requires to satisfy your energy needs – read on to find out why.

A High Voltage (HV) generator is designed to be a powerful Diesel electricity source, with a high output voltage. A High Voltage generator is the perfect type of Diesel generator for providing electricity in prime, continuous or standby modes across larger construction sites or outdoor areas. A High to Medium Voltage generator is not ideal for an office, or personal use backup generator. If you are looking for a backup power solution for a factory or other such large-scale operation, you may wish to use a High Voltage generator rather than running a set of lower-voltage generators in tandem.

Benefits of Medium/ High Voltage Generators

The main benefit of a higher voltage generator is the massive reductions it brings in power transmission. Over distance, a lower-voltage generator loses a considerable amount of power during transmission. By using a higher-voltage generator for your power solution, you reduce your power wastage massively. High Voltage generators may have a greater upfront cost; but the savings that come from reducing your power wastage, and using a generator designed to output vast amounts of energy efficiently and effectively, can save you up top 70% more than you would using a lower voltage generator in the same situation.

Benefits of CPS Medium/High Voltage Generators

When you buy from CPS, you can guarantee the kind of quality you only get from UK-manufactured items. We exclusively use trusted, genuine parts from the best suppliers in the industry. Our medium/High Voltage generators are powered by world-renowned Perkins or Cummins G-Drive engines, coupled to the finest Mecc Alte Alternators. Our expert team will help you design a bespoke power solution, designed to suit your application. We can sell our generators, made right here in our UK Factory, worldwide thanks to our expansive network of CPS Dealers. Our team will stick with you throughout with our excellent after-sales service.

For a bespoke High Voltage Diesel generator, fill out our generator form or contact us today. CPS is the number one UK-manufacturer of Diesel generators, and our expert team is ready and waiting to build the custom power solution your business needs to keep running no matter what. If you don’t think a Medium/ High Voltage generator is for you, read our guide: ‘What Generator Do I Need?’ to learn the benefits of our other bespoke Diesel generators.

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