• Model Number AP750S
  • 750 Kva Prime Power
  • 825 Kva Standby Power
  • 3PH 50/60hz
  • Containerised Genset
  • Powered By a 4006-23TAG2A Perkins Engine
  • Stamford EU or Mecc Alte UK Alternator
  • Deep Sea Electronics Control Module
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


Engineered By Constant Power Solutions Ltd

The CPS Three Phase 750kva Generator, AP750S is a unit designed and manufactured by our team of expert engineers to ISO9001 standards, using UK & EU components in Selby, North Yorkshire for various power applications around the world. These Diesel generators are suitable for prime or standby applications, meaning our generators are suitable for multiple purposes such as data centres, telecoms, off-grid applications, business-critical systems, agriculture and various industrial applications.

Our soundproofed containers are manufactured too very high standards, with an easy access door on the side and a double service door on the end of the container. Our containers are designed to be robust and withstand the harshest of climates. Our Diesel generators are manufactured into the containers and they’re CSC plated so they can be used for shipping (export clients only).

The weatherproof enclosure system protects the components of the generator, our soundproofed containers are designed for various climates around the world. All of our containerised generators come with a sizeable base fuel tank at standard.

Bespoke manufacturing is amongst our expertise, our team of Diesel generator expert engineers can design and manufacture a power generator to suit your application, using the latest computer technologies and continuous supplier training.

Powered by Perkins Engine

The AP750S is powered by a UK Perkins 4000 series Diesel engine coupled to a Mecc Alte UK or Stamford EU alternator.

Our Perkins Powered Diesel generators come with a full global warranty, giving our clients worldwide after-sales support. Furthermore, CPS are an authorised Perkins generator manufacturer and have certification to show we use genuine Perkins® 400, 1100, 1200, 1500, 2000 and 4000 Series as the power source in our generator sets.

Controlled by Deep Sea Electronics

CPS Diesel generators are controlled by the worldwide renowned brand Deep Sea Electronics, manufactured here in the UK and providing customers worldwide pre/after-sales support. We use the DSE7120, DSE7320, DSE7420, and DSE8610 across our range of Diesel generators. Our engineers are fully trained to program and set up the parameters of the Deep Sea Electronics modules.

Giving our clients further peace of mind we use the Deep Sea Electronics battery chargers in our Diesel generator sets in standby applications, we also use the Deep Sea Electronics business management and GPS systems technology in our bespoke applications.

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Global Warranty Support

All of our sets are warranted globally for a minimum 12 months, 1000 hours from installation or 18 months from dispatch, whichever comes sooner.

Because we’re a certified OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for all the engine & alternator brands we use, we’re able to put you in contact with local dealers which cover the globe maintaining our CPS generators. Whoever is appointed by CPS will aim to get to site no matter where it is in the world at their earliest convenience.

Reducing Down Time

The main priority is to ensure the generator is up and running so it is paramount that we make the whole process as smooth as possible. Our simple guide is as follows:
• CPS will issue a warranty form to be filled out, including images, and videos of the name plates and full faults. The more information received the easier it is to diagnose
• One of our highly trained engineers where possible will follow up with a phone call to introduce themselves and aim to get the set back online if possible.
• For more severe cases, we will work directly with the engine / alternator manufacturer, who will aim to send one of their own engineers or approved dealers (international) on site at the earliest.
• Where possible a CPS engineer will be available on site or on hand by phone or other means.
• As we use the latest technology, with our DSE Control panels we are able to dial in to your generators remotely (with the client’s authority) to get you back online.

Once up and running the engineer will fill out a Field Service Report, a copy of will be sent to you for your records. This report will include the date and name of the engineer on site, comments regarding all aspects of the generator and full diagnosis.

More Information on Warranties

For more information relating to warranties, please click here.


Experts In Generator Logistics

At Constant Power Solutions Ltd, we have a dedicated expert logistics team, that will help arrange shipment to any destination you require.

Using a number of authorised accredited freight forwarders, we ensure a good service to offer a stress-free process from collection of your order to delivery.

National Freight Services

For UK deliveries, we offer any form of delivery from a curtain side or flatbed delivery (providing there is offloading facilities on site). Along with Hiab deliveries using dedicated 3rd party supplier. Using a dedicated Hiab company also means that they can provide a documented site survey, this means that they work out which vehicle is best suited for the task, also noting of any potential risks while delivering the set, to ensure a full smooth operation.

Export Freight Services

For European deliveries, the options available are the same as UK, yet again, ranging from a curtain side delivery to Hiab for offloading, sea freight & air freight are also options, if more beneficial.

As you have read, the majority of orders CPS manufacture are sold to international customers, therefore the most common option of freight is sea freight, due to the quantity of orders shipped, we have a very good relationship with our freight forwarders, ensuring a good price, and good service. It may also be beneficial for road freight to be used to some countries, if the order cannot wait for sea options.

Container Loading Support

Along with our sea freight support, we also supply a loading plan of the generators currently quoted, and whether any additional generators can safely fit within the container. This means that you maximise the space within the container. The loading plan is used by a software program.

Our warehouse team has expertise in loading containers safely and efficiently. Our warehouse team is trained to operate our overhead loading cranes and operate forklift trucks, ensuring your equipment is loaded correctly at our facilities.

Our team takes pride in safe working practices, they complete weekly checklists on equipment used to load your products, thus adding to the extra care when it comes to handling your power equipment.

Types Of Shipping Containers-

• 20ft Shipping Container – Smallest container we are able to load goods into. Ideal for smaller machines between 6-300kva Due to height restrictions some of our larger sets above 300kva may need to go into a 40ft HC.
• 40ft Shipping Container – Large shipping container, able to accommodate a mixture of various generators, however due to height restrictions a HC maybe more suitable.
• 40ft HC Shipping Container – ‘HC’ meaning high cubed, extra tall 40ft HC container allowing smaller machines 6-30kva to be doubled stacked. This shipping container is also used for loading our larger open type diesel generators 600kva upwards.

Export Documentation Support

Working with freight forwarders also means that CPS receives support on any documentation required for shipments, whether this be a standard Bill of Laden (BOL), Certificate of Origin (COO), EUR1 or a BESC certificate for example. If the order requires a 3rd party inspection, then this can also be arranged at an additional cost.
The INCOTERMS CPS use as standard are-
• DAP (Delivery At Place)
• CFR (Cost and Freight)
• CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight)
• EXW (Ex Works)
Other Container Terms-
• LCL – Less Container Load (Partial loading of a container, shipper does not have enough goods to fill a container, therefore items can be loaded together with other items to split the cost.)
• FCL – Full container load (Goods loaded into a full container)

If you have any freight related questions for your order, please do not hesitate to get in contact with your sales representative.


Installation and Commissioning

As a manufacturer of high-quality Diesel generators, CPS can offer to our clients Electrical & Mechanical installations as well as free site surveys. This will be done either by our expert engineers or one of our approved experts of Generator installation, maintenance and service companies.

We do know that selecting the right company for installing a standby power system whether is a hard process with many companies providing installation services at competitive pricing. We only work with approved dealers who we are confident can install to a very high standard as well as offer full documentation support.

Free Site Surveys

Constant Power Solutions offer our customers a free site survey to establish your exact requirements. Our friendly and highly trained engineers will advise of the right plan of action to ensure that your system once is installed is not only fit for purpose, but ensure that your expectations are met. We have installed many high profile jobs over the years wither via our own engineers or with our approved generator set dealers, for major projects such as Hospital emergency standby power for the NHS, Academies, data centres as well Hotels and resorts.

Experts in Generator Installation

Before installation, there are many considerations that we cannot quote without a full site survey such as: Location, delivery and offloading, mounting, ventilation and cooling as well as the generator fuel system.

• Generator Location – Is the generator inside a plant room. Is their enough space for service and maintenance once it is dropped. If it is outside, is it far away from public areas, such as security to prevent it from vandalism. All these little points can decipher what type of generator is needed and if their will be any changes to the generator to ensure that the set is installed in the right location.

• Generator Delivery – Diesel generators are large and heavy pieces of Equipment. Depending on the location can depend on the type of vehicle to deliver the generator. We need to ensure on day of delivery that all routes to site is clear. The route road plan can counter problems with delivery either due to gravel roads, fields and soft soil or unsecured paving stones.

• Generator Offloading – If the site has its own lifting Equipment this will make the job easy, but having lifting equipment we still need to ensure the on-site lifting Equipment can safely lift the generator in to position as well as can carry the weight. For jobs where the client needs CPS to offload the generator. We work with several Hiab companies who using their expertise, either by a site survey* or correct images and site drawings we can provide the correct vehicle due to weight of the generator, Hiab reach requirement, as well as correct size vehicle to be able to delivery in situ.

• Generator Mounting –A Diesel generator needs to be installed on a flat service, mainly due to the fuel tank and to get the full optimum response of your Diesel generator. We do recommend a concrete plinth on sites whereby the ground level is not flat. Our generators do come with secured feet. These feet can be bolted on the concrete plinth where necessary. We would not recommend Gravel due to Vibrations of the Diesel generator.

• Generator Ventilation – Our engineers will calculate the air flow for cooling and ventilation, this is very important to the longevity of your Standby power or Prime power set. Not only does all generators require a steady air flow, cool air to cool down the generator as hot air dumped externally which is generated from the engine. Too little airflow will reduce or derate the engines performance, too much air flow will also affect the performance. Ventilation is key as well; all engines produce fumes that are hazardous to health (including emissions engines) so advise will be given regards to ventilation to get the best out of your New Diesel generator.

• Generator Fuel System – All our UK Built CPS Generators come with a standard minimum of 8 hour base tank at 75% load, yet for sites for prime power or long run time, we can support clients with an external fuel tank including fuel pipework to either top up the fuel tank or run directly with the external tank.

Once we have had a full site survey and all installation considerations have been accounted for. We will provide on request full drawings of the project for sign off purposes. Diesel generators and associated equipment should always be installed by experienced as well as qualified mechanical and electrical engineers. We recommend that all Installations will be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Continuous Support

Constant Power solutions Promise to you is that you will have full documentation once the job is complete should you take on our commissioning package with the installation, you will have complete peace of mind that your standby, emergency power or prime power set will be installed correctly and give your business or home full back up or constant power.


Generator Maintenance

Constant Power Solutions Ltd stock and supply a range of packaged service kits for a variety of Diesel generator driven engines. Using only genuine parts, these packaged service kits provide you with all the parts required to carry out essential servicing activities on your generator. We recommend servicing your Diesel generator after every 250/500 hours of use (dependent on engine manufacture operation manual), however, for countries in which your generator is operating in tough terrain, we advise more frequent servicing to be carried out. If you are unsure when your generator would benefit from a service, contact our experienced team who will be more than happy to help.

We offer fast delivery and impressive stock levels, which allows you to purchase as required, our highly competitive pricing also allows you to stock your own service kits, ready for use when required. Each kit comes with the necessary parts required for a service including Oil, Air, and Fuel Filters as well as Belts, and Rocket Gasket Covers. Working very closely with our engine suppliers Perkins, Cummins, Volvo, Lister Petter, and Scania. We are able to package the correct kit to allow you to service your generator with ease.

At Constant Power Solutions, we have a great relationship with our maintenance parts suppliers, this ensures we can get the best prices for you, meaning your generator performs in top condition, for less. Ensuring your generator is kept running at its optimum capacity and increasing longevity, routine maintenance is essential. Therefore, Constant Power Solutions only offer and use genuine maintenance parts, we offer these in engine service kits, ensuring you receive the correct components for the individual service. However, if you are only needing a part or two, we also offer these loose.

When your generator coolant is running low, this is when you require to fill the coolant tank up, the level will be indicated on the tank, between minimum and maximum, we offer coolant in quantities of 20L, 208L, and 1000L. Along with a full tank of coolant, we also ship our generators with oil already filled (15W40), enabling a stress-free experience when your generator/s first arrive with you. We recommend that you change the oil every major service (1000hrs). With each generator there is a manual oil dipstick (similar to what you get on a car) this shows the level of oil left within the engine. If this looks low on the stick, simply add some more to the engine, we also offer 15W40 in quantities of 20L, 205L and 1000L.