Perkins Spare and essential maintenance parts

As a generator manufacturer, we understand that a sale does not end once the generator has left our premises. All our generators come with a 24-month warranty for the whole generator excluding the Engine and Alternator. The engine and alternator comes with a manufacturers warranty from 1 year + depending on the engine model and make. As with all engine warranties such as Perkins, you can extend the manufacturers warranty of the engine. This is great for an end-user who wants to prolong their generator. The only stipulation with any engine warranty is that your engine is serviced either every 250-500 hours or 12 months (whichever comes soonest) and that you use the correct Manufacturer essential or spare parts.

We work very closely with Perkins and their distributors to offer our customer the correct essential parts for the engines. We can supply the full kit on your initial generator order or we can supply you the kits when it comes to servicing your generator.

Below is a list of the Perkins Spare and Essential Part Kits, which we will be updating for the rest of the engines we list in our generator production.

Kit part numberEngineBuild listManufacturers Part Number(s)
oil filter elementfuel filter elementpre fuel filtermain air filter elementsafety air filterbeltsRocker cover gasket
T4023841103A-33GDJ320032654403 x 24461492 x 2130306360265103622614B655T414301
T4023831103A-33TG1  / 2DK32037
2654403 x 24461492 x 2130306360265103372614B655T414301
T4026131104A-44TG1RS512762654407 x 226560201 x 213030636026510342265103432614B6543681A055
T4023821104A-44TG2RS512772654407 x 226560201 x 2441512226510342265103432614B6543681A055
T4023811104C-44TAG2RJ511752654407 x 226560201 x 24415122265103802614B6523681A055
T4023801104D-44TG2  / 3NL75518
2654407 x 226560201 x 2441512226510342265103432614B6523681A055
T4023791104D-E44TAG1   /2NR83177
2654407 x 23611274 x 443950382652C8452652C8472614B955T414784
T4023781106A-70TAG2  / 3 / 4PR82148
4627133 x 226561118 x 444151222652C8312652C8322614B655T407192 x 2
T4023731106A-70TG1PP825764627133 x 226560143 x 226560145265103802614B654T407192 x 2
T4023771106D-E70TAG2  / 3 / 4PW82882
4627133 x 23611272 x 443950382652C8312652C8322614B655T411306 x 2
T402376403D-11GGJ65769140517050 x 226561117 x 2 –80109049U11996420
T402375403D-15GGK65760U140517050 x 226561117 x 280109134U11996410
T402610403A-15G1GU51798U140517050 x 226561117 x 213532620580109134U11996410
T402609403A-15G2GU51794U140517050 x 226561117 x 213532620580109104U11996410
T402611403A-11G1GT51789U140517050 x 226561117 x 213532620580109049U11996420
T402612404A-22GGV51790U GN65732U140517050 x 226561117 x 2130306360135326206T80109107111996401
T402374404D-22GGN65750U140517050 x 226561117 x 2130306360T80109107111996401

If you are looking for any Maintenance kits for any engines such as Perkins, Cummins, Volvo, MTU, Kohler, Lombardini then please contact the parts department on +44 1757 428140 alternatively email the team on and we will be happy to source any parts you require. All we need is the Manufacturers Part Number and Engine Serial number.

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