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Constant Power Solutions are one of the leading diesel generator manufacturers and a provider of power solutions in the UK. Using a dedicated production line, CPS ensures our products are designed and produced as per our clients specification requirements.

What makes CPS stand out from the crowd is that not only do we offer a standard built diesel generator, we also offer bespoke solutions working with both our UK and International dealers and distributors. We support our dealers by assessing each requirement of their end users to offer them a production or power solution that suits their needs.

We assist our dealers and distributors by supporting them with their specific tender and project requirements working with an approved network of companies we can assist our clients to offer a full turnkey solution either through ourselves or our extensive connections. Constant Power Solutions will work side by side with design consultants and M&E Contractors on the initial stage of any suitable project to help and give guidance on providing a solution that suits a range of applications such as NHS and private healthcare, data centres as well as industrial and residential buildings that need constant, emergency or standby power.

Not only do we offer UK Built Diesel generator, all our generators are CE Marked meaning our customers can be confident of not only being provided a quality built diesel generator, but they know that when they buy an Alpha Series diesel generator they are buying a product that has been certified officially.

Unlike some manufacturers, we do not batch test our generators. We ensure that every generator is tested from 0% - 110% load and that final quality assurance checks are carried out before it leaves our facilities. We feel that testing all our generators will not only give confidence to our clients but reassures them that when on site for installation they are confident that the generator will be able to exceed their expectations. We do not charge for first fill of oil and coolant as we provide this free of charge. Meaning that when the unit is delivered to site, oil and coolant is the last worry for the client so they will be able to plug in and power up the generator once the unit is filled with the correct fuel.

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