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Open set Generators

Our Open Set Generators

Built from thick steel, the skid base for our open type generators are robust and complete with high-quality UK AVM's (anti-vibration mounts). The skid base is designed and tailored to the engine and alternator, ensuring stability and a specific fit for the product. The base frame features a large fuel tank (for models 5-690kva only) to ensure long running hours and the UK manufactured muffler considerably reduces noise levels. The design of our open type generators ensures they're suitable for installation to many applications. All our open type generators are designed with the end user in mind; for easy to use functionality, excellent service, and maintenance access.

Features Include;

  • Set mounted duty radiator 
  • Engine driven cooling fan with protection guard 
  • 12V electric start with charging alternator 
  • Steel base frame with integral 8-hour capacity fuel tank, complete with contents gauge 
  • Set mounted maintenance-free lead acid battery with leads and terminals 
  • Exhaust flexible section with connections 
  • Silencer supplied loose

Specific Open Type Features

External Fuel Gauge

External Fuel Gauge allows for easy monitoring.

Anti-Vibration Mounts

Anti-Vibration Mounts (AVM) Built to a UK Standard from a UK Supplier to reduce vibrations, to help with the longevity of the generator

Deepsea Controllers

Deepsea Controllers as standard on all generators. Deepsea Electronics is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of generator control modules. Based in Hunmanby UK.

Industrial Silencer

Industrial Silencer reduces the dBA Rating on our Open Type Generators.

Large Base Fuel Tank

Large Base Fuel Tank on all Open type Generators up to 750kva.

MCB/MCCB Breaker Box

Separate Breaker and Cable box for easy installation.