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Non-Genuine Generator Parts: How to Spot the Difference

As any business owner will know: Price dictates every decision we make. Businesses in any industry need to keep costs down, and that mentality comes across into power solutions also. Whilst we understand the need to keep costs down, At CPS we always stress the importance of avoiding non-genuine parts. Non-genuine parts lead to significant damage not only to your generator, but the industry as a whole. To mitigate the risk of voiding your generators warranty and driving up repair costs; we’ll teach you the tricks and tips you need to know to avoid purchasing non-genuine parts.

Evaluating the Legitimacy of Generator Parts

There are a few steps you can take to confirm if a generator part is legitimate. Before buying, take some time to research the part you’re replacing. Look up the packaging and serial number and try to make sure these match the replacement you’re buying.

Wherever possible, buy either directly from a parts maker, or use a trusted vendor such as PowerMark (whom also post about the importance of using genuine parts). Any generator you buy from CPS comes with a comprehensive warranty, so you can rely on our quality team of generator experts to take the stress out of replacing a part.

Spotting Non-Genuine Perkins Parts

When looking to replace a Perkins part, the authenticity of the product can easily be confirmed just by looking at the packaging. Perkins employs a counter-measure known as the ‘Genuine Parts Hologram’. This is a holographic sticker with a similar design as you now see on banknotes across the UK. This design is incredibly difficult to counterfeit, so if a part has this hologram you can trust it’s a genuine Perkins part.

You may also wish to check the box a part comes in for any signs of prior entry just in case a non-genuine part has been slipped in by a disreputable third-party vendor. If you’re buying from an online marketplace, make sure you’re buying from a vendor you can trust and it’s the part you need.

Spotting Non-Genuine Cummins Parts

For Cummins parts, diesel generator owners in the South Pacific should be aware that some Chinese manufacturers are using Cummins parts in non-genuine sets. As always, we recommend buying from a manufacturer you are certain you can trust. By buying directly from CPS or a registered CPS dealer like Power Mark, we can guarantee you a genuine, UK-manufactured generator.

CPS offers worldwide shipping where laws and regulations allow, so why not contact us today and see if we can get a power solution exported for you.

Ensuring you are in possession of, or about to purchase, a genuine generator part is a matter of thorough research. By making sure you can cross-reference, check and confirm the small details like packaging details and serial numbers you are guaranteeing a safe, efficient and ultimately cheaper generator.

If you want to take the stress out of choosing parts for a generator, buy a 100% genuine, UK-manufactured bespoke power solution from us at CPS. We ship the highest quality generators designed to meet your needs and expectations perfectly. Generators are supplied with a fair warranty plan to ensure the longevity you expect from your Diesel generator. For trustable generators, including silent generators and more – check out our range today.

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