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New Perkins prototype built for testing by CPS

You may or may not remember when we had an inquiry from Perkins Engines Company Limited to supply them a Diesel generator? well after the success, we have been asked to build another set for their testing bay. Perkins Engines Company Limited want to be able to fully test a new range of engines, so they asked CPS to build a generator using one of their new engines in a soundproof canopy. Being Perkins, they have a list of generator manufacturers here in the UK such as ourselves to call upon, so the chances of winning the order would be very low in this current climate. This is a testament to ourselves (CPS) that companies as big as Perkins are asking for our support when called upon.

This power range I believe is a testament to the R&D team at Perkins Engines Co Ltd and can only enhance generator manufacturers who use Perkins engines for their Diesel generator production.

After our first order, our contact at Perkins was straight on the phone to our business development manager Stephen Lucas, to see if it was possible. Victor (Managing Director) who heads our technical team discussed with Perkins and Meccalte technical to size the right generator and alternator combination. Mecc Alte is also very proud to be working on the project with CPS and Perkins. The main difference from the original order is that this unit had to be switchable for 50hz and 60hz. This is a solution we have been working on recently so we were fully committed to providing Perkins with a switchable machine for their testing purposes.

I don’t believe I can give too much information away at this point, but all I can say is that this power range will help increase sales for many UK manufacturers like ourselves who push the UK built set using quality and well known branded components such as Perkins Engines which are synonymous around the world. This will help companies like ourselves, compete with imported gensets into the UK from Asia and Europe.

Overall a successful order for Constant Power Solutions and a moment where we can take a step back and be proud to say “Our Company is providing a service that not many UK Generator manufacturers can adhere to in terms of quick lead time without reducing our quality, and our prices are very competitive”.

We look forward to working with Perkins and building many more CPS generators using their new range of engines with Meccalte combination.

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