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Maintenance Parts

Constant Power Solutions Ltd stock and supply a range of packaged service kits for a variety of Diesel generator driven engines. Using only genuine parts these packaged service kits provide you with all the parts required to carry out essential servicing activities on your generator. We recommend servicing your generator after every 500 hours of use, however, for countries in which your generator is operating in tough terrain, we advise more frequent servicing to be carried out. If you are unsure when your generator would benefit from a service, contact our experienced team who will be more than happy to help.
We offer fast delivery and impressive stock levels, which allows you to purchase as required, our highly competitive pricing also allows you to stock your own service kits, ready for use when required. 
Each kit comes with the necessary parts required for a service including Oil, Air, and Fuel Filters as well as Belts, and Rocket Gasket Covers. Working very closely with our engine suppliers Perkins, Cummins, Volvo, Lister Petter and Scania. We are able to package the correct kit to allow you to service your generator with ease. 
To order the correct kit for your generator, we will require the following information to ensure we correctly match the right kit for your requirements;
  • Engine Brand.
  • Engine Serial Number (If Known).
  • Engine Model number.
  • Prime Power rating / Standby rating.
  • Hours run.
At Constant Power Solutions, we have a great relationship with our maintenance parts suppliers, this ensures we can get the best prices for you, meaning your generator performs in top condition, for less. To keep the generator running at its best, we advise that you replace them every 500 hours, or annually (whichever comes soonest) with genuine parts.
Ensuring your generator is kept running at its optimum capacity and increasing the longevity, routine maintenance is essential. Therefore, Constant Power Solutions only offer and use genuine maintenance parts, we offer these in engine service kits, ensuring you receive the correct components for the individual service. However, if you are only needing a part or two, we also offer these loose. Having genuine parts can provide you with the assurance that your generator is not being damaged by non-genuine parts.
Using genuine parts also means that you will not void your warranty by using unofficial parts.
We ship our generators with coolant and oil already included within the radiator tank and engine, therefore, all you need to do is top up and add diesel, then start the generator. However, when your generator coolant is running low, this is when you require to fill the coolant tank up, the level will be indicated on the tank, between minimum and maximum, we offer coolant in quantities of 20L, 208L and 1000L.
Along with a full tank of coolant, we also ship our generators with oil already filled (15W40), enabling a stress-free experience when your generator/s first arrive to you. We recommend that you change the oil every major service (1000hrs). With each generator there is a manual oil dipstick (similar to what you get on a car) this shows the level of oil left within the engine. If this looks low on the stick, simply add some more to the engine, we also offer 15W40 in quantities of 20L, 205L and 1000L.
We can provide diesel with our generators (excluding international orders), whether that be a separate delivery or if you require diesel to be inside the generator before delivery, this may be advised if you need to be working on/with the generator as soon as it arrives on site.
If you would like to contact us regarding maintenance parts, please follow the link below, or call us on +441757 428140.
Below are some examples of brands we work with, however, we are able to offer a wider range depending on your requirements. Get in touch to find out how we can help.
Perkins Cummins Volvo Kohler Scania  

Meccalte Leroy Somer Stamford ABB DSE Lister Petter