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How annoying is it when you purchase a Diesel generator which has a base tank which lasts between 8 – 10 hours?

For standby and emergency power that is fine, any longer and you will have issues and will need to treat the fuel on a regular basis to make sure it lasts and does not oxide. That aside, there are many applications where you may wish to run your generator constantly for over 8-10 hours a day. With this in mind, you will have to either fill up on a daily basis, which costs time and also money, or you have to purchase a larger external fuel tank and pay for it to be upgraded to have an automatic fill pump from tank to the generator or a manual three-way valve.

We had a customer contact one of our dealers in the Southern region, who does not have the space for a generator and an external fuel tank. He needed more than 24 hours worth of fuel for his generator as his production facilities rely on constant power from a Diesel generator. His generator will be running at roughly 75% of the load on a constant basis and a 24-hour tank would need 800L to fulfil this. We gave him the option of a 1000L base tank which would supply him with 32 hours of constant power. This means he only needs to fill up every 4 days.

Calculating the cost of a 1000L external fuel tank plus the costs of filling up on a daily basis rather than every four days, even including costs of fitting a larger fuel tank and manpower. Over the course of the year, our customer would make good cost savings for his company. Cash which he can use to service the engine for the longevity of the set or put into his business to help it grow.

Although this genset was not built for the rental market, The solution would be beneficial to a rental application. All we would need to do is upgrade the engine to meet the rental emission standard specification and of course, add a selection of IP67 Sockets. We can upgrade the canopy to have the sockets built within the canopy or on the outside depending on what the client requires.

The main benefit of this set for the rental industry is that the canopy and base are sturdy to be moved about and has for lift pockets for easy move-ability. The tank itself can be left running for over 24 hours before it needs to be filled, which would allow the end-user to not worry about stopping production to refill. We can also fit a modem, which will inform the end-user how long it has run and when it is time to refill.

If this solution is something that you feel would be a huge benefit, then please get in touch.

Please keep tuned to our website and as we are looking to add more products designed by our clients for our production facilities.

Call the team on +44 (0) 1757428140 or email and see if we can help you design a product that suits your needs and requirements.

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