Introducing Super Silent Generators

Introducing Super SIlent Generators
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Introducing Super Silent Generators

As we recently discussed in a prior article, Diesel generator regulations across the globe place stringent restrictions on the noise level of Diesel generators. If you’re looking for a bespoke power solution that’s ideal for inner-city use or a part of a global platform, you want a generator that exceeds current regulations whilst meeting your exact power requirements. Following popular demand, we’ve designed the Super Silent Diesel generator. Learn more about what our CPS Super Silent range of bespoke Diesel power solutions can do for your business below.

What is a Super Silent Generator?

Our CPS Super Silent generators feature a 100mm thick canopy covered in Multi-density polyester soundproofing material. These two factors combined with a residential exhaust muffler create a Diesel generator that produces a noise level of only 58 dBA at 1m. for reference, 58dba is about as loud as the background noise of a restaurant or office. This makes a Super Silent generator almost completely unobtrusive in a commercial setting. This generator is manufactured in and designed for the UK, but will easily meet the soundproof regulations of countless countries worldwide.

Our Super Silent range is, of course, completely bespoke. We can supply you with a variety of top-quality engines rated all the way up to 500kva, alongside a world-class alternator from the leading brand Mecc Alte.

Why Choose Super Silent generators from CPS?

We designed the super silent range based upon popular demand from countless customers across the globe. in the modern age, a quiet power solution is the ideal power solution. In growing countries such as India, power cuts can still be frequent – but power itself essential. a Diesel generator that can be comfortably ran inside a complex with minimal noise can be ideal. Leading economic zones such as London now also employ incredibly strict regulations, where one simply needs the best available. With the customisability and renowned UK-manufactured quality of a CPS generator in an ultra-quiet form, you can remain confident when using your Diesel generator.

Our Super Silent Diesel generators are also packed to the brim with quality features. From UK base steel to a control panel viewing window in a lockable access door, your CPS Super Silent generator will be consistently efficient, convenient and (of course) quiet. Combine all this with incredible attention to detail, from strong lifting hooks to an easily reachable water filling point on the roof, and you have the quietest quality generator around.


CPS hopes this introduction has shown you the potential one of our UK-manufactured Bespoke Super Silent Diesel generators has for your business. Our CPS team are always available to provide their experience and knowledge to help you decide on the essential features you’ll need from a power solution. CPS makes the introduction of a new Diesel generator to your business easy, efficient and worthwhile at every step of the process. From manufacturing to commissioning. Contact us today to learn more.


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