I Have a Standby Diesel Generator, Can I Make Money from Feedback to the Grid?

Every day we have different requests and different questions emailed from customers. So we decided to post one of our replies.

The question:  “I have a standby Diesel generator that I hardly use. Can I make money from it, similar to Solar Panel and feeding back to the National Grid?”

The short answer is yes. As the UK faces energy crisis’s over the next decade, as large power stations come offline and few planned replacements. Now is the time to get involved with feedback to the grid.

The National Grid is responsible for maintaining the UK’s electricity network and is procuring reserve services. What this actually means is anyone who owns a standby generator can benefit from a relatively low-risk income.

The reserve capacity is coordinated through organizations known as smart grid companies. Any generators that can produce power on demand such as diesel and gas engines are eligible.

How does it work?

The Diesel or Gas Generator is connected to the national grid via an export connection. The genset requires communication equipment which typically turns the power on during times required.

Operation times are usually dictated by requests from National Grid. The peak times are usually during winter peak energy periods in the evening from 5pm-8pm and in the morning from 7am-9am, these times can vary so it is always best to check.

The smart grid company will, in theory, be a middleman on your behalf. Their job is to monitor and operate the generator. They will also receive the payment from the national grid and usually pay you every quarter or yearly depending on your contract.

The main interest of the smart grid company is to ensure the maximum value for generation is achieved. We can put you in touch with a Smart Grid company who we work with. They would be able to advise how to calculate and help maximize your low-risk income for a minimum of 3 years, after running and maintenance cost.

If like many Farmers, you currently have a Diesel generator then the risks are relatively low. A smart grid company will arrange grid access, although the generator owner may have to pay for new G59 relay switchgear.

Things to be aware of

Always check any offer carefully and make sure any companies you work with have calculated the actually available load. Always make sure any companies you work with carry out a full engineering inspection of the generator and make sure of everything you need in terms of grid connections and all costs are accounted for and hours required running daily.

Some planning permission may be required for some new installations, but working with the right company will advise of this.

This is why Constant Power Solutions work with a reliable smart grid company. We can help assist from the first point of contact and put you in touch with the experts on feeding back to the National Grid.

Why not call now on 01757428140 or email and see how we can help you make more of your Diesel Generator.

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