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Hybrid Generators & Solutions

Hybrid Generators & Solutions are designed and manufactured at our plant in Selby, North Yorkshire, UK.

CPS Hybrid systems reduce the fuel consumption of a standard diesel or gas generator. The compact battery packs are designed to supply the power source through an inverter, whilst the control module on the generator monitors and switches the generator off and on when batteries require re-charging. This means the generator only runs when it is required, reducing running costs, noise levels and emissions. Our Hybrid systems are tailored as per your requirement.

Common applications where our Hybrid Generators can be used:

  • Telecoms Sites
  • Residential
  • Remote Locations
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • Construction Sites
  • Rental & Many More


Our Tower Hybrid Systems are free-standing and are tailored to work with your existing system or a CPS manufactured generator. The complete system is built into a high-quality ABB tower box, this ensures everything is compact and in one place.

The CPS Hybrid Tower System can be located anywhere you desire, meaning you save room in your residential property or business premises. Each tower can fit 16 Monbat AGM batteries and a Victron inverter, giving you 20kw usable power from each tower. By using a Victron Inverter we can sync up to ten CPS Tower Systems, giving you 200kw of Hybrid Power.

All of our Tower Hybrid Systems can be tailored to suit your requirement, they are tested and manufactured to give you the very best performance from your system. Our knowledgeable team is on hand to guide you to the correct solution.



Hybrid Generator Features

Hybrid generator

Victron Hybrid Generator Inverter

Victron Inverter and battery monitory, sharing the load between batteries and Generator.

Hybrid generator

Hybrid Generator Cooling Fan

Cooling fan, to help increase airflow to keep batteries at their maximum capacity.

Hybrid generator

Hybrid Generator European Batteries

European Monbat batteries - 12V 210AH each bank consists of 4 batteries.