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How to keep your generator safe in the winter months

It’s important to keep your generator safe in the winter months and do that there are a few things you should do ahead of the winter and during:

Inspect Your Generator

The first measure you should perform is to undertake a complete visual check before you store your generator for winter. Inspect all components while noting parts that have experienced excessive wear and tear. Also, make a list of items that need to be replaced, such as cracked or broken hoses before the winter weather hits.

Check the Battery

Your battery may not perform as expected in cold temperatures, and it may also have a short lifespan. Check the battery to ensure that it is in perfect condition, and if it is running low, consider replacing it. A battery that is not fully charged or dead is not recommended for cold weather operation. And because batteries tend to lose a lot of power in severe conditions, it will be a good idea to get one with higher cold-cranking amps to enable you to survive through the winter months.

Changing The Generator Oil

Make sure that your generator has enough oil to keep it running smoothly when you need it. Some generators shut down automatically to protect the engine if the oil level gets too low. You can keep yours protected over the winter by checking the oil level whenever you add fuel.

Inspect Replaceable Parts Regularly

While you’re keeping the oil in check In addition to the engine oil, check out the carburettor, air filter, fuel filter, and spark plug regularly according to the portable generator owner manual. Maintain your generator according to the maintenance schedule for peak performance and safety.

Make Space

Over the winter months, your generator will need to ventilate so that it can work properly, so it’s important to have some space around your generator. You might have to clear the space yourself as, during the cold weather, leaves and snow might have built up. If it has snowed, then you’ll probably want to shovel a path so that you have easy access in case you need to get at it to do any repairs or maintenance.

Exercise Your Generator

Yes, exercise it. Just like us, we need to keep moving to stay healthy, your generator is the same, and it needs regular exercise too. Make sure you run it for about ten minutes after long periods of inactivity during the cold weather so that it doesn’t breakdown due to lack of use. Your generator may struggle to operate, or it may not even turn on if the temperatures are lower than forty degrees Fahrenheit and it hasn’t been used properly or often enough. Give your generator a boost by letting it run about once a week for approximately ten minutes, as this will lubricate all its moving parts and keep it going. Looking after your generator like this and checking it regularly will mean that it will give you years of reliable power.

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