How to make sure your diesel generator stays working

Diesel generators are a lifeline for many organizations, ensuring that the power remains on, even if the electricity goes out. Finding ways to make sure that your diesel generator stays working, therefore, is vital.

But how do you do that? Let’s take a look.

How to check a diesel generator?

The first thing to do is to check that the diesel generator works as intended.

Checking a diesel generator is relatively straightforward. Here’s a list of things that you’ll want to inspect:


  • Check the oil pressure. If the oil pressure is too low, then you may need to top it up.
  • Check the fuel tank level is not too low
  • Check the cooling water levels are adequate
  • Check the temperatures of the various components of the engine, including the bearings, lubricating oil and cooling water. If the temperatures are too high, it’s an indication of a potential issue with the engine
  • Check the output of the generator, including the active power, reactive power, voltage and current. Ensure that all of the values are within the parameters specified by the manufacturer.
  • Turn the generator on and check that the operational sound is normal

If your diesel generator passes that checklist, it means that it is likely in good working order. However, there some additional things that you can do to ensure that it continues to perform over the long term.

Avoid using non-genuine parts

While using non-genuine parts might seem like a money-saver, it can come back to bite you in the long-term.

Diesel generators, like combustion engines, are highly tuned pieces of kit. Installing parts with just a small deviation from the manufacturer’s original specification can balloon into a big repair bill and lead to unreliable electricity generation when you do finally switch it on.

CPS sells genuine replacement parts for generators across the UK (and the world),all from its UK-based operations. With CPS, you get genuine replacement parts that meet the manufacturer’s specifications for your diesel generator every time.

Change your diesel oil regularly

Changing the oil in a diesel generator regularly is essential. Generators can consume substantial quantities of oil to keep their internal components running smoothly. Regular operation, however, can degrade the oil slowly over time.It’s crucial, therefore, to change it regularly, according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Do regular battery testing

Many diesel generators require batteries to start them up, just like internal combustion engines in cars. These batteries, however, can be temperamental.It’s recommended, therefore, that you regularly test your battery to ensure that it has sufficient charge to start the diesel motor in the event of an emergency. Charge the battery intermittently by switching the generator on,and, if possible, clean around it to prevent degradation by contaminants.

Perform a general inspection 

Diesel generators are complicated pieces of machinery with dozens of moving parts and critical components. When performing a general inspection of your diesel generator, check the DC electrical system, exhaust, and fuel intake.

By regularly checking for hazards and using genuine replacement parts, you can ensure that your diesel generator stays working for longer.

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