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How do I choose the correct Diesel Generator?

Diesel Generators are something many people might not know too much about, but that doesn’t defy how important and useful they are.

They are used almost everywhere, such as in your home, office, hospital etc., and are essential for when a constant generation of power is required.

When it comes to purchasing a Diesel Generator, a lot of us don’t really have much of an idea where to start. So, here are some broken down, simple factors that you will need to be aware of when purchasing your Diesel Generator.


This is a factor which is more focused on when purchasing a Diesel Generator for places such as your home. However, although recent versions of Diesel Generators do produce a lot less noise than the older makes, we would still recommend a soundproof case just to cancel out the noise that it would still make.

We can provide you with soundproof casing here at Constant Power Solutions, click here to find out more.

Power Output

As mentioned before, diesel generators are used for many different things. Therefore, they are also manufactured to be well suited for each of the different uses. This means you will need to be aware that you are purchasing the generator with the correct power output for what you will be using it for. For example, a Diesel Generator for a hospital is going to need a higher power output that one for a house.


This may seem like an obvious one, but it is something you need to be careful of. The cheaper generators are much more likely to be of lower quality, making them less reliable. They won’t last you as long and could result in dangerous consequences.

Run Time

This one is for a similar reason as making sure it has the correct power output and can be something that can also result in dangerous consequences if you don’t make the correct decision. You will need to make sure that the generator you purchase has the ideal run time for what it’s being purchased for, to do otherwise is a ridiculous yet easy mistake.

So, make sure you speak to specialists when it comes to purchasing your Diesel Generator because getting the wrong one is worse than not getting one at all.

Give us a call here at Constant Power Solutions, one of the leading Generator & Power Equipment Manufacturers in the UK, on +44 (0) 1757 428140 for a quick chat with a member of our team if you’re looking for any further and specific advice about purchasing your Diesel Generator!

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