We supply and manufacture bespoke Diesel generators to Hampshire ranging from 5 to 2500kva, with various features tailored to the Hampshire market. From super silent Diesel generators featuring best-in-class soundproofing perfect for inner-city use in Basingstoke to high kva bespoke container generators perfect for shipping out from Southampton. Our range is manufactured right here in the UK to your exact specifications delivered directly into Hampshire.

Our Hampshire Generators are manufactured using the UK and European components from leading Diesel generator manufacturers. We utilise parts from excellent quality engine brands such as Perkins, Cummins, Volvo, Scania, and Kohler. We ensure that our customers receive high-quality Hampshire generators.

Our Hampshire generators are available for numerous industrial and domestic uses in Hampshire, such as:

  • Homes 
  • Data centres
  • Business systems
  • Agriculture
  • Mobile components 

Alongside many other outlets.

According to, Hampshire households consume around 3,990.92 kWh of power a year. So make sure you’re self-sufficient in case of a power cut in Hampshire by trusting CPS bespoke Diesel generator.

Constant Power Solutions
Perkins engines
Cummins engines
Scania engines
Volvo penta engines


CPS offers comprehensive commissioning and after-sales services for our Hampshire generators. In addition, we work closely with top-quality Diesel generator parts manufacturers, such as Deutz and Perkins, to provide genuine replacement parts for Diesel generators. These parts are essential for keeping Hampshire generators running smoothly and efficiently for the 677,300 actively working Hampshire residents.
Our flexible servicing contracts for our bespoke, UK-manufactured Hampshire Diesel generators provide a regular but tailored servicing routine. Our maintenance schedule, alongside our use of genuine Diesel generator parts, ensures your Hampshire generators stay at maximum efficiency throughout their lifespan.

For specific Diesel generator parts, check out our sister site PowerMark. PowerMark offers a variety of genuine Diesel generator parts for sale, perfect for the Hampshire market.

Hampshire Generators


Constant Power Solutions offers bespoke Diesel generators for the Hampshire market. Our UK-manufactured Hampshire generators for sale provide various features in their design, perfectly suited for the Hampshire market.

We utilise exclusively genuine parts from leading Diesel generator manufacturers in our range of bespoke Diesel generators for sale. From leading brands such as Deutz, our European and UK parts ensure a long lifespan perfect for use in the Hampshire industry.

Learn more about the Hampshire generators we stock and our after-sales and commissioning services now available in the Hampshire area on our 24/7 helpline.