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Here at CPS, we always aim to ensure our customers get all the information they require to choose the correct power solution for their needs. Below we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions for your ease of use.

What shipping certificates have you or can you provide?
As a UK manufacturer of Diesel generators, our products are much sought out internationally in continents such as Africa, Asia, North and South America, and regions such as the Middle East. We know that to help with import duties/taxes many countries require different certificates to prove that the products we build are genuine UK products. Constant Power Solutions work closely with inspection, verification, testing, and certification companies such as SGS to adhere to all requirements so that our customers know they are receiving a quality product that meets all technical and safety requirements.
With this in mind, we have a lot of experience providing certification to support our extensive dealership network such as;

  • EUR1
  • UK Country of Origin
  • CE Marking
  • SONCAP Certificate – Nigeria Only
  • Country of Conformity (Tanzania/Kenya)

What is the difference between KW and KVA?
The primary difference between KW (Kilowatt) and KVA (Kilovolt-ampere) is the power factor. Kw is the unit of real power and KVA is a unit of apparent power or real power. The power factor is typically calculated at 0.8. In relation to industrial and commercial generators, KW is most commonly used when referring to generators.

What does an Automatic Transfer Switch do?
An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) transfers power from a standard source (like a utility) to emergency or standby power (Such as a Diesel Generator). When the main source fails an ATS senses the power interruption on the line, and in turn signals the engine panel to start. Once the main power source is restored to normal power the ATS transfers power back to the standard source and shuts the generator down.

Can I do my own shipping and export to my country?
The short answer is yes. Constant Power Solutions Ltd. do provide international shipping using our approved freight forwarders. We have already procured the best service and best prices for freight forwarding, which we do on an annual basis as a service to our customers. We do however allow customers who have their own dedicated freight forwarders to handle their own shipping. For this, all we charge is a small admin fee to load the generator(s) into their own containers. On the initial order, we do however have to charge the client 20% VAT which is normal practice here in the UK. We will help our clients once the units have been shipped and a clean set of Bill of Laden’s are produced to support them whilst they claim their VAT back themselves. As a company, we do not offer shipping as a profit exercise, more so as a service to our clients so that they have a peace of mind that CPS will handle everything, from building the generator(s) to loading the set(s) into a container, right up to shipping internationally.

What are the lead times?
We pride ourselves on our quick lead times here at Constant Power Solutions. Dependant on the size of the generator and order the lead times can vary, however, we tend to average at around 3-6 weeks from receiving the deposit to the generator being dispatched (depending on the generator size). Our dedicated production team work extremely hard to ensure that all the generators we build are completed to a high standard and undergo various testing to ensure that they run efficiently for our client’s application. You can be sure that the product(s) you receive will be more than worth the short wait.

Where do you ship?
We can offer shipping internationally to almost anywhere in the world (As long as there are no legal implications or restrictions). For our UK customers we also offer a HIAB service for customers who are unable to offload themselves, along with standard freight delivery using approved freight forwarders, or alternatively, customers have the option to come and collect their order themselves for a small admin fee (covering the cost of the paperwork and loading of the order)

Do you have wiring diagrams/drawings/manuals for the generator?
We have all of the paperwork and manuals for the generators we manufacture. Manuals, test reports, and relevant paperwork will all be included in the dispatch box that will be sent out alongside the generator, however, if you require them prior to dispatch we are able to supply you with them.

Do you accept card payments over the phone?
We don’t accept card payments over the phone, we accept Bank Transfers, Telegraphic Transfers, and Letters of Credit for payment of orders. We have a standard term of 50% deposit and then 50% final balance before dispatch. This means that once we have received a minimum of 50% deposit, we will then begin the production of your generator, and then once it has been completed we require the remaining balance to be paid prior to it being dispatched.

Do you still sell the DG models?
We do not manufacture or hold any information on the old sets.

Can I buy oils/coolants/parts separately?
We have a range of oils and coolants varying in size from 20Litres up to 1000Litres which are all in stock and for sale. We also have essential service kit parts for a range of engines with quick lead times and competitive prices, all our kits are sourced directly from the engine suppliers and are 100% genuine.

Are you ISO credited?
We are currently in the midst of working towards our ISO certification and will be able to provide you with this in the following months to come

Do you hold items in stock?
All the sets we manufacture are made to order here in our Selby unit, and therefore we do not hold any generators in stock. However, we do keep major components in stock and currently have access to over 10 million pounds worth of engines and alternators ready to be bought for our production.

Do you offer FAT testing?
We do offer Factory Acceptance Testing here on site for a charge dependant on the size of the generator. Our prices include fuel, labour, testing all parameters of the generator, and also answering any questions you may have. As this can be quite a lengthy process we do provide amenities such as coffee and sandwiches to our customers.


If you have any questions that have not been answered above or you require further specification get in touch today, our dedicated sales team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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