Emissions Range

Emissions Range

One of the bespoke options we have here is our emissions range.

We pride ourselves here at CPS on our range of products and services fit for a variety of applications. One of the bespoke options we have here is our emissions range, using Perkins, Kohler and Cummins engines. Our emission ranges start from Stage IIIA. Since Emissions standards came into existence the U.S. and Europe currently have five different levels which although have different names, they have always been closely aligned.

  • U.S EPA Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4, Interim and 4 Final
  • EU Stages I, II, IIIA, IIIB and IV

These sets are perfect for placement and use on moving vehicles such as;

  • Outside broadcasting vehicles
  • Construction vehicles with their own power equipment

Emissions types are also great for rental companies and generator dealers who are required to use the sets they buy in the rental market. Our emission Diesel generators are compliant with applications such as the rental market. This is due to legislation in place that requires any Diesel generator which is to be moved once in a 12month period to be a minimum of Stage IIIA compliant. This makes these sets versatile and compatible with a wide range of areas, uses, and applications.

Having emissions regulations mean that the levels of greenhouse gases like CO2, and harmful pollutants such as NOX can be regulated and controlled by the users and the authorities. These regulations are becoming more and more apparent in the USA market (more predominantly so in the Southern areas) and therefore it is important to always check the regulations and requirements in the areas you will be using your power solution to ensure that the set you choose is the best match for you.

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