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Does your Business Need A Super Silent Generator?

Our range of Super Silent Generators has quickly become popular with customers across the globe. At a distance of just 1m, our range of Super Silent Generators for sale is as quiet as an idling car (58 dBA). This low noise level makes our range perfect for cities and et cetera. The question is, does your business need one? Learn more about our Super Silent Diesel generator range for sale and what they could do for your business below with the experts at CPS.

What is a Super Silent Diesel generator?

Simply put, whatever you need it to be! We can build our Super Silent Diesel generators to meet your exact needs power-wise. Just like the rest of our Bespoke Diesel generators for sale. What separates our Super Silent range is the soundproofing measures we take to meet even the strictest noise-level specifications across the globe.

We utilise a 100m thick canopy that dampens sound and provides additional protection for your Diesel generator. Inside the canopy, we include a residential exhaust muffle and multi-density polyester soundproof material. These features combine to reduce exterior noise levels dramatically. Check out this video guide from our founder Daniel Arnett for an excellent example!

As you can see, our Super Silent generators live up to their name!

Why would you Need Super Silent Diesel Generators?

Many cities across the globe now impose strict noise regulations on Diesel generators, especially in residential areas. In India, for example, commercial zones require your Diesel generators to put out as little as 65 dba. Across the globe, 75dba is the limit for most commercial applications. So if you’re looking to complete work that requires a Diesel generator for power in an inner-city, such as construction, you need a super silent generator.

Super Silent Diesel generators are also ideal for backup power indoors. In smaller commercial buildings, such as offices and hospitals, the hum of a Diesel generator in the basement can quickly prove distracting. According to the CDC, even a noise above 70dB can cause hearing damage over a prolonged period. Keep your workers safe and use a super silent Diesel generator as your backup power solution.

Overall, a Super Silent Diesel generator provides peace of mind. Whenever you operate, a Super Silent Diesel generator is sure to meet noise-level regulations and be safe for prolonged proximity for your workers. When combined with one of our Tier V compliant Diesel generator engines for sale, you can be confident your power solution is a universal solution.


We hope our Super Silent generator guide has shown you why you may need one of our Super Silent Diesel generators for sale. Our expert team is proud of the quality of our UK-manufacturing prowess and knowledge regarding Diesel generators. So feel free to contact us today on our 24/7 helpline for help choosing the perfect Diesel generator for your needs. Otherwise, why not read more of our blogs or check out our Super Silent Diesel generators page for more information?

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