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Do you have to live in the country you export to?

In our line of work, we would have to say not at all.

Here at Constant Power Solutions, we sell to many Diesel generator dealers who work in a variety of ways. As standard most of our international dealers are based in the country they export too. Which has its advantages and its disadvantages.

What we have found is that more and more people in the UK are getting involved in exporting to either a country of their birth or heritage or a country they work in or have worked in the past. For example one of our UK Export dealers (as we like to classify them as) is based here in England. He was born in Africa and schooled in the UK during his later years. He lives in the UK and Africa and travels to and throw. One thing he noticed was the lack of power on the national grid during a 24 hour period. So he understood that there is a need for power and not only that, there is a need for UK Built Generators as opposed to Chinese Generators which have saturated the market.

He found a need in the market and contacting CPS, he found a solution. All he needed to do now was to build on the contacts he has in Africa, understand more about Diesel generators and using marketing tools available by CPS build a customer portfolio and start exporting Diesel generators.


What are the benefits of exporting from the UK, Whilst not living in the country you are exporting too?

The main benefits are that you can see the product in real-time before you confirm orders with your clients. We welcome all dealers to our facilities and for new dealers who have been vetted, we allow them to take images of similar units they are looking to export to pass on to their prospective clients. Our UK Export dealers are always welcome to visit our facilities and check the progression of their orders.

They also can work with our BDM team with marketing material and ideas. We are only a phone conversation away or a train journey. We can help them with the tools to market our products in the country they are exporting too.

Training and support. About 40-50% of our UK Exporters are not what we would call generator people. They are businessmen who first and foremost want to start up a new business, or people who want to give back to their country as well as make a profit. So their technical knowledge can sometimes be limited. We can advise and help with a crash course on generators from fault finding to servicing, maintenance and even how to start up and connect a generator.

What support can UK Export dealers receive from CPS?

  • Marketing Support and Tools to market the products.
  • Training support.
  • Essential Maintenance and Service Parts.
  • Export advice – do’s and don’t.
  • Knowledge and support to run an effective export business whilst living in the UK.

If you feel this is an opportunity that you believe you can thrive upon. Why not contact our Business Development team on +44 1757428140 or email our Business Development Manager, Stephen Lucas –

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