5 different generators and which one suits your needs

Generators are incredibly versatile machines, which are employed across several industries and sectors. There are various types of generators available, and it pays to be aware of different tools to ensure your generator is suited to your requirements and preferences. Whether you plan to utilise a generator for residential, commercial or industrial use, here’s a useful guide to tools everyone in the generators industry should be using.

Diesel generators

A diesel generator can be suited to both residential and industrial use. Available in different sizes and power ratings from 5-2,250 kva, you can choose from small-scale diesel generators for the home right up to powerful industrial generators capable of running large-scale operations if there is an unexpected outage. Within the category of diesel generators, there are multiple types, which are designed to suit different clients and applications. Examples include mobile, soundproof and bespoke generators.

Hybrid generators

Hybrid generators are designed to reduce fuel consumption, and they feature a battery pack, which provides power through an inverter. A control panel fitted on the generator will switch the unit off when not required and alert the user when the batteries need charging. Hybrid generators are used for an array of applications, including remote locations, telecoms and construction sites, residential properties and agricultural facilities.

Soundproof generators

Running a generator can be noisy, which is inconvenient for homeowners, business owners and those working in industrial settings. Soundproof generators offer an alternative to traditional generators, offering you the chance to power your home or business without worrying about soaring noise levels. Fitted with silencers and optimum-quality soundproofing, these generators offer backup power supplies with the added bonus of quiet operation.

Open set generators

An open set generator doesn’t feature a canopy. Built from robust steel, CPS open set generators feature thick-set skid bases, which are tailored to the engine to increase stability and ensure suitability for the individual client. The base frame contains an expansive fuel tank for prolonged use, and the muffler helps to reduce noise levels.

Containerised generators

If you’re on the hunt for a generator that is capable of withstanding harsh conditions, and you’re keen to keep noise levels to a minimum, a containerised generator may be the ideal choice for you. Surrounded by a sturdy, corrugated metal container, this type of generator is perfectly suited to areas that are exposed to adverse weather. Containerised generators can be used for several applications, including agricultural and industrial operations, and they are resistant to rust and corrosion. As the risk of damage to the unit is reduced by the outer shell, this type of generator is often easier to maintain and it’s also durable and hard-wearing.

Generators are used across a vast range of applications within several different industries. They play a crucial role in providing additional or backup power supplies, which keep operations running during sudden outages and spells of poor weather. If you’re looking for a generator, and you’re not sure which type of tools you should be using, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly, knowledgeable team at CPS Generators.


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