Diesel Generators UK vs Rest of the world

Diesel Generators – UK vs Rest of the world

CPS is a worldwide leader in the UK manufactured Diesel generators and the reasons behind purchasing British created Diesel generators vary but there is no denying that there are some valuable reasons for purchasing British.

Putting the “Made In The UK” stamp on any product has held its value throughout many products for countless years. British manufacturing has obtained the title of stellar manufacturers for many years. The standards that British industries set are incomparably higher than other countries, which at the core, means a stronger, more durable product, with a built to last mentality during production. Another key reason for buying British is the fact that there is always an English speaking advisor on the end of the phone for any customer service query as well as expelling any problems relating to shipping or paying for exorbitant shipping costs. Other countries’ may also give you a specific date when their generator will be delivered but this may take time and buying British means better and quicker access to what you need.

The UK is the biggest exporter of generators, larger than China, and Diesel gensets are frequently used as a backup when the main power system fails. Diesel is the most effective and fuel-efficient and often costs less in the long run. We proudly offer the highest quality Diesel generators which also confidently boast the least amount of maintenance than any other type.

We Test Thoroughly

Further standards relate to the testing behind the product before it leaves the factory, which includes a stringent individual test for every single generator, at a 110% load. This tests the capacity and durability to be sure it can withstand the power and will be a valuable investment for our buyers. Some countries’ standards may not match up to the UK which is renowned to have the safest and efficient electrical systems than any other country in the world. We believe that safety is paramount and without knowing the country and brand’s ethics and requirements in terms of safety, it can be difficult to know exactly what tests the generators have been put through before sale. Diesel generators are widely used across different industries such as utilities, retail, factories, marine, mining, healthcare, and offices among others, which must maintain a high-quality service without the loss of power or worry of a failing generator. Our Diesel generators provide continuous power supply during any power outages. A lot of larger countries abroad tend to mass-produce many products, but British can be made to order. You may also find that larger countries will not follow guidelines relating to design and patenting which could result in buying something that isn’t authentic. Buying British will allow you to proudly buy with the knowledge of the production, testing procedures and necessary communication to ensure the best purchase for your business or organisation.

Please see our website for further details on all Diesel generators available to you or get in touch with one of our friendly team members today.

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