Made in the UK Diesel Generators

Diesel generator manufacturer

Here at Constant Power Solutions (CPS), we’re one of the biggest Diesel Generator Manufacturers in the UK, and we pride ourselves on the high calibre and fantastic performance of our generators. We are based in Selby, North Yorkshire and Manufacture Diesel Generators for a worldwide market.

We use a dedicated production line to ensure all CPS products are designed and manufactured for our client’s specific needs. All of our Diesel Generators are CE Marked which means our valued customers can be 100% confident of investing in a high-quality Diesel Generator which has passed rigorous testing.

Unlike other Diesel Generator Manufacturer’s, we test every single Diesel Generator which leaves our warehouse. We test them from a 0% -110% load as opposed to simply batch testing. This offers customers total piece of mind. We don’t charge for the first oil and coolant fill which means that our Diesel Generators are ready to go as soon as you’ve filled it with Diesel!

We’re extremely proud to be a Diesel Generator Manufacturer that covers a global market.

Diesel Generator Manufacturer Diesel Generator Manufacturer