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Constant Power Solutions, since May 2013, have always been in the thick of international exportation of UK Built Diesel Generators. We believe that the UK Badge of honour for manufacturing still holds its weight in gold internationally. This is one of the reasons why the directors set up the company in the first place. Our intentions have always been to grow in own backyard and see significant growth in the UK for the brand name, Constant Power Solutions. However, our brand name has always since CPS was founded has been sinuous in the international market. We have provided back up power in Asian marketplaces for large production factories and warehouses, as well as emergency power for hospitals. In the Middle East market, we have secured telecom tenders and backup power for residential properties. Africa we have seen a rise in holiday resorts looking for UK Built continuity power and constant power, whilst we have briefly exported to South America for the agriculture industry.

The Asian market has always been a good market for the UK, which is a testament to our product quality. In Asia, there is a huge demand for emergency power or standby power to help combat instability on the grid. Which makes it hard to compete in that marketplace due to competition. Asia is one of the larger suppliers of genset manufacturing in the world, so we are competing in their local market vs price and quality. The fact that year on year we are increasing our sales in the Asian market shows how strong we are and competitive we are.

AP1250 and AP650

The bulk of our production is working closely with Perkins and Meccalte, yet we also work very closely with Cummins, Kohler, Volvo, and Stamford. We are seeing an increase in sales year on year. Our Perkins and Meccalte sales have not decreased, actually, they are growing whilst we increase our portfolio. Our Sales Director, Daniel Arnett, recently won a tender supporting one of our Asian dealers. The tender was for 2 x open type diesel generators 1250kva and 600kva. These two units were built within two weeks, using Perkins and Stamford engines and alternator combo. We had to be competitive in price. Without reducing our quality as we understand our dealers need to make a margin. Our dealer had to compete for not only against the larger more established brands but also local brands as well. With our support and fast turnaround for production, we were able to help them secure the deal and built within the required lead time, which we understand was a big help to win the tender.

The AP600 and AP1250 gensets were built within two weeks and were tested before shipment. The units are now sailing through the Atlantic and Indian oceans to help support the local industry. The two units are for one clothing manufacturing plant, which supplied many clothing items back into the united kingdom on the high street. The 1250kva (4012-46TWG2A and PI734A combo) will be mainly for emergency backup power, whilst the AP600 (2806A-E18TAG2 and HC544E) will be for a new factory that will be opening up in April 2017 in a remote area of the country with little or no grid available. This unit will be running constantly until they have access to the country’s main grid. This is why they wanted to work with a UK Brand using UK/EU Components. One hour of downtime could cost the clothing factory thousands of pounds. They need to hit their own deadlines as the clothing market is very competitive. If they miss deadlines, that could cost them huge contracts. The new factory will increase employment in the area by upwards of 200+ employees. So we have to make sure that the quality of our sets will serve them with limited downtime.

We have seen a significant rise in the requirement for factory and industry back up power, not only internationally but also in the United Kingdom as well. We are speaking to many companies in Scotland, Wales, and England, with the help of our appointed dealers to supply emergency/backup power to factories. As the business world is becoming more and more competitive, just 1-hour downtime can have huge implications for any business. We can offer UK Companies support such as;

• Site survey – sizing the right solution for your company.

• Bespoke power solutions (Generator, ATS, UPS Etc..)

• Delivery and installation

• Service and maintenance contracts.

To give you confidence that we can help combat power cuts which would be detrimental to your business.

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