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CPS Generators power safely connected with Power-safe

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2017 saw a great increase in demand for Power Generators on global power networks – a trend that is continuing in 2018. As a result, electrical safety for diesel generators in public areas has become a prominent concern for power distribution executives, with high-current diesel generators often left in touching distance of the public, at roadsides, festivals and within housing areas.

That’s why Phase 3 power connectors recommended that CPS-Generators use Powersafe connectors for their 800A connections. Phase 3 has innovated product enhancements to Single Pole Power Connectors with the Powersafe range.

Powersafe single pole connectors have several features that allow for safe and reliable high-current power connections up to 800A, assuring power distribution managers can rest assured of minimal risk. The cable connectors are designed to connect single and three-phase high current power circuits, Phase 3 single pole connectors are at the forefront of both safety and technical capability.

How does Powersafe connect Generators safely?

1) Finger-Proof Contacts

There’s always one drunk person at a festival or an intrigued child who wants to touch the shiny generators and cables! Frustrating.

However, finger-proof contacts on the cable connectors mean risk of potentially fatal human contact with live power is minimal. The finger-proof cable connector feature also means generators are safe for installation engineers if power connections are unknowingly disconnected under load. That’s why they’re the choice of power cable connector at prestigious events like the World Cup, Winter Olympics and Glastonbury.

2) Clear & Locked Connection

Powersafe cable connectors are colour coded and mechanically keyed – meaning each line can only mate with its compatible socket e.g Earth with Earth (Green/Green). This ensures a successful, quick and safe assembly every time.

The locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnection of cable connector under load, as well as integral cable strain relief – meaning no more unplanned power outages! The UL listed connector is considered the perfect industry replacement for CamLock.

3) High Impact Cable Connectors & Temperature Protection

Phase 3 connectors are manufactured with high-quality thermoplastics and fitted with rubber handgrips, perfect for high impact and temperature protection. That clumsy installation technician won’t be costing you tonnes in replacement cable connectors by bashing them around – they’re made to last!

4) Power Off Assurance

When connected to a Powersafe Panel Mount or power distribution box you cannot disconnect cables from the generator unless the power is off, this is ideal for those seeking assurance that the generator sockets are not live when lying around.

5) Water & Dust Proof IP67 Rating

Rainy day woes with your power generators? No problem!

IP67 ingress protection means the connectors are fully protected against dust and capable of withstanding water immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. This is great for applications such as maritime and military or data centres in remote areas of the world.

7) High-Quality UK Manufacturing

Powersafe cable connectors are manufactured and assembled in the UK, with all materials sourced in Europe or America. With 100% control over the manufacturing and supply chain, you are guaranteed high-quality and lightning-quick production. Phase 3’s Scottish engineers in cold, old Fife assemble and package the connectors ready to deliver with industry-leading lead times of less than a week (some suppliers work at 17+ weeks!)

Phase 3 Connectors Ltd are a privately owned company who manufacture power connectors for the industry. All the cable connectors are 100% manufactured and assembled in the UK. They specialize in Power Cable Connectors for a range of industries from Power Generation, Cable Assembly, Military, Healthcare, Government, Entertainment, Maritime and more.

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