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CPS Decommissioning Service

Here at Constant Power Solutions, we like to offer our customers the services they require to get the most out of their power solutions and to aid in making the installations and removals as hassle-free as possible. One of the ways we do this is by offering to decommission old generators.

Decommissioning happens usually when a company has an existing old generator (usually around 20 years old) and they are due an upgrade/replacement. CPS decommissioning includes the following:

  • Dismantling all the fuel pipes and lines
  • Disconnecting the existing electrical work
  • Safely removing and disposing of fuel and liquids
  • Removing the fuel tanks

We charge a daily rate for our work, alongside offsetting a price to buy the old generator which we have decommissioned, in readiness to replace and install your new generator set. We do all the hard work so you can rest assured that your set will be ready to run when required. We have a vast knowledge and years of experience in decommissioning generators for a range of applications such as; the NHS, Hotels, Cinemas, and many more.

If you have a generator that requires decommissioning, get in touch today.

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