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CPS Coolant (Anti Freeze) 20L

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Antifreeze / Coolant Is a general purpose antifreeze, based on silicate and nitrate inhibitor technology, it is a nitrite, amine and phosphate free MEG based antifreeze and summer coolant that provides maintenance free protection against freezing and boiling but also gives excellent corrosion protection in cooling systems when mixed with the appropriate amount of water.


Typical mixtures in Northern Europe are 60/40, offering frost protection down to -30°C


The product should be stored above -20°C and preferably at ambient temperatures. Periods of exposure to temperatures above 35°C should be minimized.


Colour Blue

Specific Gravity @ 20⁰C 1.10 typical

pH, 20⁰C 7.2 typical

refractive index, 20⁰C 1.4302 typical

Water Content 40-60% v/v

Freeze protection -30⁰C typical

Specific Gravity 1.06 – 1.076 typical

Antifreeze is packed in the following sizes:-
20 L,  208 L, 1000 L IBC, Bulk pump off.