Could Your Business Cope Without Power? – The Benefits of Having a Standby Generator
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Could Your Business Cope Without Power? – The Benefits of Having a Standby Generator

Virtually all businesses in the modern world rely on electricity. Whether it’s to power computers, run machines or just to keep the lights on, we all need power to keep our businesses running. So what happens when we experience a power outage? Could your business keep going and recuperate?


The effect of a power outage on most businesses


For most businesses, the effect of a power outage can be devastating. Here are a couple of common things that would happen:


  • Computers instantly switch off, causing loss of work
  • Data could be corrupted in the event of a power outage or spike
  • Business immediately ceases operations
  • Communication with clients and customers cuts off
  • Lights go out, making any work impossible
  • Machinery turns off, halting production
  • Hardware could malfunction due to sudden changes in power
  • HVAC systems shut off, potentially causing respiratory or temperature issues
  • Security systems are disabled, exposing your business


Each of these can be considered a nightmare scenario that halts your business and prevents you from working. You never know how long the power outage could last, and you’ll experience multiple of these situations which causes a huge panic across the entire company.


The importance of a reliable standby generator


The sole purpose of a standby generator is to keep your electricity running. Once the power goes out, the standby generator kicks in automatically and powers your equipment. Depending on the size of your generator or the amount of fuel you have, it could keep your business running for a considerably long time. For some businesses, it’s enough to have a few hours to save your work and make it through to closing time. For others, you may need to last several days or weeks if the power outage is caused by persistent weather conditions.


Here are some of the most common benefits of a standby generator:


  • Continue running your business
  • Save all electronic data before systems shut down
  • Maintain communications with clients and customers
  • Keep machinery running until they can safely be brought to a stop
  • Keep customers and employees comfortable
  • Keep security systems running to prevent any physical or cyber attacks
  • Reduce downtime during unpredictable power conditions such as adverse weather
  • Ensure that your business doesn’t miss out on potential sales
  • Prevents potential health and safety issues
  • Can be powered consistently as long as fuel is provided to the generator


As you can see, a business can easily cope with power outages by simply having a standby generator in their workplace. It will safeguard your business and ensure that your productivity isn’t hindered by a seemingly random power cut or adverse weather conditions. The peace of mind and stability offered by a standby generator is well worth the investment and we highly recommend that you consider installing one.

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