Made in the UK Diesel Generators

Control and Power Panels

Automatic Changeover Switches ATS / AMF

There are many standby applications where an Automatic Transfer switch is essential, at Constant Power Solutions, we understand the vital role these play in many arenas such as industrial, offices or hospitals.
The automatic changeover mechanism provides reliable emergency power without the need for intervention. We supply a large range of 3 and 4 pole automatic transfer switches (ATS) from 25 to 3200 amp, for applications where a secondary backup source of emergency power is required.
In the unfortunate situation of power loss, our ATS Panels working in conjunction with our Diesel generators to help cover your supply when mains power fails; and then switches back to mains power again when it’s revived.
Automatic transfer switch panels are imperative when you require continuous uninterrupted power supply.

Panels and Controllers for Diesel generator sets

Constant Power Solutions Ltd offer a complete range of panels and controllers for both diesel and gas generators. Working closely with Deepsea Electronics PLC we can build the right control panel for your applications.
DSE4500 series Auto Start Generator Control Module

The DSE4500 series is a compact auto start control module that has been developed to provide an outstanding range of features within a compact enclosure, featuring:

  • Large back-lit icon LCD display
  • 3-phase generator sensing
  • 600 V ph-ph nominal system compatibility
  • Generator & load power monitoring(kW,kVA,kV Ar,P.F)
  • Generator overload protection (kW)
  • Configurable inputs & outputs
  • Configurable DC,Volt-free and staged loading outputs
  • Fuel & crank outputs
  • Magnetic pick-up speed sensing
  • Engine speed protection, engine hours counter, engine pre-heat, engine run-time scheduler, engine idle control for start/stop
  • Battery voltage monitoring, configurable event log (50)
  • DSE configuration suite PC software
  • Power save mode
  • Engine maintenance alarms
  • Alternative configuration
DSE7000 Series AMF Generator Control Module

The DSE7000 Series is an Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module with an icon-based display. The control module has been designed to control single diesel or gas gen-set applications, featuring:

  • Large back-lit icon LCD display
  • Heated display option
  • 3-phase generator sensing
  • 3-phase generator and mains (utility) sensing. Generator & load power monitoring (kW, kV A, kV Ar, pf)
  • Generator overload protection (kW). Generator/load current monitoring & protection
  • Configurable analogue/digital inputs
  • Configurable DC, volt-free and staged loading outputs
  • CAN, MPU & alternator speed sensing (selectable depending on engine type)
  • Tier 4 CAN engine support. Configurable event log (50)
  • DSE Configuration Suite PC Software
DSE8000 Synchronising & Load Sharing Control Module

The DSE8000 Series is an intelligent mono display auto start load share control module packed with industry leading features to enhance multi-set control. The module can be synchronised with up to 32 generators within the same system, featuring:

  • 32-set synchronisation. Configurable inputs/outputs (11/8)
  • Dead bus sensing
  • Remote communications (RS232, RS485, Ethernet)
  • Direct governor control. kW & kV Ar load sharing
  • Configurable event log (250)
  • Integral PLC editor
  • Load switching, load shedding & dummy load outputs
  • Power monitoring (kW h, kVAr, kv Ah, kV Ar h), reverse power protection, kW overload protection
  • Data logging (USB Memory Stick)
  • DSE Configuration Suite PC Software
  • Tier 4 CAN engine support

Our experienced team match the most relevant and equipped control panel to each set we manufacture, however, we also offer upgrading options for more bespoke requirements, please also see our Bespoke Solutions page for more information.