Containerised Generators Explained

Containerised Generators Explained
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Containerised Generators Explained

The world is opening back up, and with it, your business is sure to grow. To meet the demands of global business, you need a power solution that’s as powerful as it is portable. Constant Power Solutions is home to top-quality, UK-manufactured Containerised Generators. These bespoke Diesel generators are designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of global and transport businesses. Learn all about our Containerised Diesel generators for sale below.

What is a Containerised Diesel Generator?

Containerised generators are exactly what they sound like. A Diesel generator housed within a shipping container, rather than your traditional canopy. Officially known as an “Intermodal Freight Containers” or “Intermediate Bulk Container” depending on its size (measured in feet). These containers are made of rolls of cut, corrugated steel sheets – designed to withstand extreme temps and conditions. The generator inside is one of our bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel generators available in various specifications and built to ISO9001 standards.

Benefits of a Containerised generator

Our Containerised Diesel generators are designed to be incredibly portable. By holding your Diesel generator inside a container, a wider array of transport options is suddenly available. Shipping Containers are perfect for export via sea. Diesel generators in this form factor can be placed onto a freighter with minimal preparation, turning your Diesel generator into a power solution capable of providing power across and even on the seven seas!

Containerised Diesel generators are also easily placed and transported upon lorries and other freight vehicles. This is ideal for mobile operations such as festivals, where transporting equipment to and from an area quickly is vital.

Not only are these Diesel generators highly portable but, as aforementioned, are contained in steel sheet designed to withstand the most extreme of conditions. This makes them perfect for outdoor use across the globe. Simply put, anywhere with road access – your containerised Diesel generator can provide the essential backup or primary power needed to keep your business operation going strong.

Benefits of choosing CPS

CPS pushes forward with one goal in mind – living up to the legacy of UK-manufactured Diesel generators. Our ISO9001-accredited manufacturing process only uses genuine parts to create Diesel power solutions built to meet your specific needs as a business. Efficient, reliable and built to meet your needs – this is what CPS provides.

For example, we can provide our Containerised Diesel generators in sizes from anywhere from 9-40ft, with essential quality-of-life features available ranging from a climbing ladder to an Uninterruptable Power Supply.

Interested in our range of Containerised Diesel generators? Contact the CPS team on our 24/7 helpline or browse our containerised page today to begin your Diesel generator journey. Otherwise, why not browse the rest of our blogs to learn more about the vast array of Diesel generator features we can provide?

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