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Why would you choose hybrid over a traditional diesel generator

Whether you’re a construction company looking for a portable power source or a hospital that needs a new backup generator, the sheer amount of choice available may be overwhelming. Advancements in technology have led to some interesting developments in generator technology, giving us more choices than ever before to pick the right generator for your specific needs.

One of the most popular choices today is the hybrid generator. As the name suggests, a hybrid generator uses two different sources to produce energy; a standard fuel source and the built-in batteries. They typically work alongside your existing generators, storing power in its battery bank and switching to the internal diesel generator when it detects that the power load is low. It’s possible to supplement this by using additional hardware, such as solar panels to help the battery charge more efficiently with environmentally-friendly options. Hybrid generators aim to provide an efficient, sustainable and effective alternative to diesel generators.

Advantages of a hybrid generator vs traditional diesel

  • Hybrid generators only burn fuel when needed. If the power consumption is low enough to be sustained using the internal batteries, then it won’t switch on. This helps to save a lot of CO2 emissions and also fuel.
  • It offers monetary savings since you won’t be required to burn fuel at a consistent rate.
  • Hybrid generators operate far more quietly, making them a good option for use in smaller areas, at night or in noise-sensitive locations such as a hospital.
  • The system is fully automated, meaning you don’t need to manually monitor the system and you can be notified if there is a change in the status of the system.
  • Hybrid generators provide extra peace of mind for critical systems that must be powered at all times.

Is a hybrid generator right for me?

If you require a constant power load, then hybrid generators won’t offer many advantages over traditional diesel generators because they won’t be able to conserve energy. Where the hybrid option really excels, is in powering systems outside of regular working hours or supplementing an existing generator setup. It’s great for working overnight when power requirements are lower, or powering separate systems such as perimeter lighting and security systems. It’s also a good choice for powering smaller appliances that are required sporadically throughout the day.

While hybrid generators work best with other generators, they can also function on their own as a standalone generator. The internal battery is charged using the controllable fuel source and stops when it detects that the batteries are filled. This means that the generator itself won’t constantly run unless it needs to.

In short, if you have a low load requirement at certain times of day or night, then a hybrid generator makes a great supplement to your existing diesel generator or a portable standalone unit. If there are critical systems that must be maintained at all times, then the internally stored energy of a hybrid generator will help you ensure that those systems stay online at all times.

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