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What is a UPS?

A UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Supply or alternatively known as Uninterruptible Power Source. A UPS provides instanta...

stress awareness month at CPS

Stress Awareness Month at CPS

Stress can be debilitating, and it can cause and/or aggravate health problems. And since stress is a normal part of huma...

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Recently we launched our AD Series, Deutz engine driven Diesel generators. Compared to our other generators series, the ...

Generator Information News

Generator Export Freight Services

At Constant Power Solutions Ltd, we have a dedicated expert logistics team, that will help arrange shipment of our produ...

Generator Safety Medium/High Voltage generators News

Why We Load Test Each Individual Generator

Here at Constant Power Solutions, we know that batch testing generators is simply not a viable option in this industry. ...

Case Studies Medium/High Voltage generators News

CPS Supply Emergency Power to Sudan!

CPS Supply Emergency Power to Sudan! Constant Power Solutions have been a played a strong part in the supply of emergenc...

CPS Global supply chain

What Happens When CPS Struggle With Our Supply Chain?

Any company is only as strong as its supply chain and as strong as the team that powers it. Our Sales team, Procurement ...

CPS Dealers News

Supplying Stock to Austria

Constant Power Solutions’ brand of Alpha series diesel generators are renowned worldwide. In particular, we’ve had an in...

Open Set Generator Benefits
Generator Information Generator Parts guides Medium/High Voltage generators News

Does your Business Need An Open Set Generator?

CPS offers a variety of bespoke Diesel generators for sale. Open Set generators are a niche but popular choice in our ra...

History of Cummins
CPS Team Generator Information Generator Parts guides News

The Cummins Story: History of Cummins

Cummins are a leading Diesel generator manufacturer, who’s parts are highly economical and efficient. CPS is incredibly ...

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